Everybody is almost perfect, They will achieve perfection only when they get rid of one last God.

Today is Sunday, 22 April 2018 and enjoy this webpage, because it is a work in progress and changing to suit my wants and needs. This site may not get updated as often as it should be, but when it does, the wait is worth it.

About the site:

This site is about me and my web building skills. I also have a collection of stories that I have written and artwork that I've made that I want you to look at. If you need me to help to fix your computer, contact me using the feedback form and I will help in whatever form that I can.


I have made the Media Shack one page by having to removing the livestream video and moving the radio from the mobile version to the regular version.

Still a mess as I try to get it be more mobile.

This site is going to be a mess while a transformation is ocurring.

I have decided to go ahead and roll out the new look. I will using this opportunity to do some tweaking to the sheet.

If you are looking to the list of banned shops, it is linked for the beliefs page.

Some stuff on this website is now experimenting with HTML5. New features will come in as soon as I know how to do them and find a place to fit them in.

I got my form page refined and as soon as I can refine the scripts, they will also be displayed here.

This entire website is only an experiment and things will change over time. If you haven't seen the old one and who has, it was great. But I then used something other than FrontPage, which I've used to design the last one and then grabbed something else to make it. Sometimes I use a web page editor like Notepad++ and sometimes I've hand coded it for easier changes and corrections.


Take a look at this page as this will serve for what the new look will be. Not everything is in place at the moment, will be there as soon as it can be.

I have now put up the "flash-free" version of the media shack online and now due to some call the site design 'obnoxious', some changes will be made. Changes to be made as per request.

There is now a limited flash-free page for mobile devices and as soon as I can find more items w/o flash, that's where they'll be.

it's now 2012 and I've been here for at least 3 years now. The flash gallery is disappearing and is being replaced with something that can work on mobile browsers. The movies and the items on page 3 are another story. What can be replaced will get replaced.

03-19-09. Another one went away as atbhost died on me. They always have a way of dying on me these days. Knowing the next few that I go to will die on me as well. Hang in there as I go through a few more webhost before I can get to one that will live for at least two months.

02-01-09. Zendfree is gone and I'm now going with ATBhost. I will send a few pages out there to see if I can live with the service. If it works, I will be here as long as it lasts.

The video randomizer is brought to you by Youtube and Jake Luddington.

Adventure update: New Chambribeau has now completed terraforming and is now ready for settlement. The planet is now looking for settlers. A few cities have popped up centering around New Berlin on the northern continent.

The main purpose of this site is to showcase my web site creation skills. Because of this, there will be a bunch of junk on this page where I have experimented. I'm keeping some of these on here as my favorites. The science fiction stories that appear on this site are of mine own and are the actual basis of this website. They will be the main draw to this site, not a bunch of links.

I will credit the design of the website to dynamic drive and Brothercake for the javascript. I am also testing sitelevel as the internal search engine for this site. The menus that I'm testing are courtesy of alsacreations and there are three new stylesheets courtesy of strangebanana with modifications.

I also have several JavaScript projects ready for use. They can be found at the JavaScript showcase and includes: Money counter, tax calculator, and a simple time calculator.

I am also adding a page divider script courtesy of Dynamic Drive. I needed this as the links page is a bit long.


I have decided that the current look isn't working on smaller screens and now looking into a new menu look to fix that. I just have to figure out what that is and to fit it in.

I've now been told that it needs to be a 2 column site. I need to find a way to make that possible.

Found new gallery. see updates page.

Now figuring HTML5 template for website that is compatible with pre-existing scripts.

I've decided on both adrotator and stand-alone page.

No debate: Since none of you will see this part of the page, I will tell you up front what is on each section of the page.

Items of the moment:


Gospel music = Fecal music

Made sure that your clock is properly set to get an accurate reading.

The current Dimandi year is 283

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