(Story 1)

My Modified Ego

If I were to have a mask, it would look like an eagle's head. It would have blue feathers, gray beak and red eyes. It would feel like metal and I would like a costume to go with the mask to make me fly. they would think that I was somebody else and I would fool them very easily. I would jump off fabrications and fly with birds and see what's going on down there. Then, I would swoop down and make scrap iron out of their weapons. I will glue them afterwards and call the police. The newspaper would never know who I really am. They would all call me "The Blue Eagle", and have my ego advanced to a new high. I now have millions of bank notes and still have my modified ego with me.

(Story 2)

The Jabernaut Buccaneers' Most Recent Disappointment

General Hota appeared in front of Zarco's crew and the Zapatistas. Hota said "I've heard of the Dragon's Triangle and I read that you stank real bad. What are you going to say about yourselves." Dragon Master yelled "How could you say bad things about us, Hota?" Hota then created a crack in the ground.

Now they're in the Zeta Empire where they're battling the Ultra Army. Stegawarrior just beaten the hell outta Alabama & Nazi. The Fish just bit Dori Yardo. Now Gorki is slamming Wisconsin into the main building. General Hota is pinned down by the Ultimate Warrior. She then blasted Hota into the Asian Zone.

Later, Anti-Raco has seen a tank missile. He dragged it across the woods, and then saw Ultrana. She came down and took the missile from him. Anti-Raco ran towards it, but he was too late, It has disappeared and he's in a difficulty. U.M.O East has finished off the rest of the attackers, and now they're coming for him. He pulled out his gun, but it was kicked out his hand. Then, Ultrana swooped down and carried him to the Skyscraper, when the rest of the crew showed up and they creamed him to pieces and expounded triumph.

(Story 3)

The Clinker

Raco & Freddy are racing each other when they saw what appeared to be two men eating a lady alive. They backed off, but they were caught in a trap. They hung there until Raco cut his way out of the trap and lowered Freddy. They soon went the other way and challenged them. It turned out to be Dori Yardo, Shaker, & Super blaster. Everybody got their weapons out and started shooting. Raco then fire two missile quills into Dori Yardo and destroyed her. Freddy slashed out Shaker's eyes. Now they go two on one versus Super Blaster and destroyed him. Now they found their vehicles and continued racing. Raco finally beaten Freddy and won the bet. Freddy ended up waxing Raco's Volkswagen Bettle.

Black Raven's Concluding Brawl (before he switched sides)

The Black Raven started on his commission to destroy the Ultra Army. He went to Colorado to see what U.M.O. West was doing. After he saw their secretive project, he signaled the Komodors to attack the buildings. Swedar gave the signal for them to attack the enemy. They took out the Komodors with the Plasma Cannon. The rest of the enemy troops came out to attack. Black Raven demanded, "Give up, Swedar, or die!"

Swedar said "get lost!"

"No way!"

"You're a worsted!"

"I don't think so!"


Then, the weapons fired and the pirates were dead. Starfire wasn't happy with it. Black Raven was in trouble. He send out the Komodors to attack her, but she destroyed them. He set out to try to take the air base. He then saw it and started to attack it, with help, of course. The Airmen started to defend their base with their guns, that didn't stop them. They now flew out to jostle them. The Airstrikers weren't doing so fine, they were getting their butts creamed. Then he got an airship to counterattack them. He failed and his airship was Roto-bombed. Starfire found out about the failure and stripped him of his powers, have him stuck in anthropomorphic form, and expelled from the Dark Zone. The Black Raven, or Danny was now a nobody. He must start out a new life and someday have his jabernaut form back.