Iron Cutter: Named for the Iron Helix Complex she destroyed with the help of the Dragonblades. Fingers and toes are actually sharp knives.

Cura and the secret base: He used the prisoners to get the news form the other side. After he got back home, he shared the captured technology with Ravar and Wasser. Ravar was glad that he got his hands on new tentacles, especially after he got horrible ones from Mortalika.

The Trial: The main trial won't begin until the end of the war, but they started their sentences in 1995. If found guilty, they can only get a maximum of 20 years, except for the ringleaders who get life imprisonment. Some of the enemy troops have already been handed down their sentences:




Deatiter (Deathanger) Acquitted, lead NJR
Chernobyl Acquitted, lead Vectoria
Gansta' Boy Acquitted
Casebrai (Cougar) Acquitted
Wolfstar (Zhang-Li) Acquitted
Krullex Acquitted
Candala Guilty (15 yrs.), died
Nalut Guilty (15 yrs.) rel. 2010
Warri Guilty (15 yrs.) rel. 2010
Raco (Vectorias) Acquitted
Sedonka Exiled from Mars

Mortalika: He had died twice, once by technomare, once by flying missile, but managed to come back and had a companion just in case.

Rebirth: Even though Dolfinturko had been killed off ca. 1986, he has managed, with the help of the three, to be reborn in a new form. What he didn't know until he got there is that the U.M.O. building and the surrounding land has changed. The building was in a process of being vacated and the hill that used to be there is now a bypass. Oddly enough, Zarco was also reborn from the sun years after he and Zephyr had crashed into it. Zephyr's body never was recovered. Zarco, on the other hand, was charged with his crimes and is now spending time on Guam with Terminuix working for Swedar. His former territory, Île de Zarco is now Neovenic Gaslatoria.

Cura and "Laughing Zombie": D. Cura has been working on this project for the last few years to create a suit to send to the Afterworld to seal the Three for eternity. His intended receiver is his late father. He wants him to do the final catalyst to the war.

During the main trial of 1998, several jabernaut soldiers and leaders will have their fates decided. Here's a partial list of their verdicts:





Nokas Solis Mastermind for last 3 yrs. Life (Digitron)
Chemhotten Field general in charge of conquering planets  Life (Digitron)
Gen. Hota General that planned several massacres Death by Acid
Gen. Zorton Original Planner of invasion Dead
Wild One pawn Dead (victim of Magnus Zater)
Xit Pawn Dead