Chapter I

As I find myself wandering around Gakkeria looking at the destruction caused by the Union Army, I decided to talk with some of the defenders about the situation. I then saw an establishment that appeared to be occupied. As I entered the place, a person whom I assumed to be the owner stopped me at the door and said, “What are you doing here?”

I then answered, “I am checking on this place and find out why the Tridentese want to destroy it. I hope you don't mind my presence.”

He then invited me in and we then discussed the situation. As we discussed, I have a feeling that I was getting closer to finding out why the Union had sent their army to this place. As I have not as of yet heard any mortar rounds, I stuck around for awhile and admired the place. He asked me would I like to stay. I told him I had no money and he let me stay on the house. I thanked him and went to my room.

The next day, I came back down to the lobby and thanked the owner for letting me stay there. He asked me why I was here. I said to him that I have already told him that. He then said, “I know what you told me earlier, I just want to know why you are really here?”

I then said, “I am trying to find a way to get the army to stop attacking this place.”

“Good luck doing that. Who or what are you anyways? You're just a child, a mere wolf cub, besides a few other people stopped by and they too said that they will stop the army. But they all failed.”

“As I recalled, there was a cease-fire once upon a time.”

“Just long enough to go squirrel hunting.”

“I'll tell why they fail. They had no sway with the army. I can't promise any better, but I too shall give it my best shot. Thank you and I shall be on my way.”


After wandering through the rest of the town surveying the damage, I have heard several mortar blasts and started running down the dusty roads to the next town and hopefully some cover. Apparently most of the other people had the same idea. As I kept on running, I had to stop all of a sudden. Something just doesn't fell right. It seems that the people that kept on running were being gunned down by the Union Army. I would ask them myself, but I did not want to wind up like the others. So I slowly crept through whatever little cover there was avoiding getting shot at. As I finally made my way to them, I told them not to shoot me and they did stop. They then asked, “What are you doing here?”

I then responded, “I was doing some surveillance. Minds if I ask you why did you kill those civilians? Besides, why can't I walk around here?”

“This path is blocked, it is sensitive area and the dead civilians have no business being around here and if you try to go any further, the same will happen to you.”

“Why is it so sensitive? Could you just warn them without wasting their lives and your ammo?”

“We cannot tell you the nature of the site and the bullet hail is their warning. We demand that you turn around and go back from whence you came.”

“Can I ask you why you're attacking this area in the first place?”


“Then I'm on my way.”

After turning around and warning the people about the shoot to kill policy, they looked for another spot and I went to the next available city. Now as look for another 'safe spot' a little something about this place. The country of Gakkeria is established soon after the planet mysteriously appeared in the solar system. This is the planet that was blamed for turning Pandasia's west coast into a dumping ground for dinosaurs, weird geological events on the other planets and might be the reason that water has started to appear on Mars. Anyways, since the planet appeared some of the jabernauts came here and claimed it as the Republic of Trident 7. The real trouble started when they saw that a bunch of humans have established their country on the spot them the Tridentese had claimed and since then wanted that land as part of their country.

So what this mess is essentially a land dispute. The Gakkerians wanted to stay put and even want to establish dialog with the Tridentese, but the Tridentese being jabernauts wanted them gone and by any means necessary including declaring them terrorists and killing them en masse.

Anyways, back to the story, I now decided to head for another town since the capital is the most likely place to be destroyed and whatever government officials that are still alive are somewhere else. What I need now is how to tell the army that these people mean no harm. This is not an easy task since they construe their mere presence as a hazard. Now that I am truly wandering, I then started to look for another town and after seeing a few trucks, I started to follow them when one of them stopped. The passenger door then opened and the driver motioned me to jump in and I obliged. As we drove on a dusty road in the middle of the night wondering how much longer the sky is going to stay clear, he then asked who I am.

I told him that I am a traveler looking for answers to this crisis and then he asked for my name. What should I tell him, a fake name or the name that will have him searching for a change of underwear? Oh what the hey, I'll just go ahead and tell him, “My name is Reijinni and I am here to resolve the conflict. Have you heard of that name before?”

He then said, “You're Reijinni; I thought that you are just some traveler. The Reijinni that I've heard of is some sort of a prophet and is spreading some sort of strange religion.”

“That's the one; I've glad that you met me.”

“I thought that the prophet would be much older.”

“Nope, you're looking at him.”

“I'll drop you off when we stop and I hope you can stop those clowns form destroying our civilization.”

“I'll do my best.”

Once we made to our destination, we see that the army had beaten us to it, there wasn't a building that was left standing and whatever people were remaining were instantly killed. It seemed that they did not find what they were looking for and just destroyed everything before moving on. I did see some tracks left from their vehicles and they looked like that they were headed for another siege of the capital. I did not immediately follow the trail then; I instead looked for what little scraps I could find. I then saw what looked like a torn map which I picked up and then tried to orient myself with it. I found a light which I used to see the map. I then saw my current position and then traced the path with my finger westward until I've reached the edge of the map. There would have been more, but the needed portion of the map was missing, I've looked for it, but could not find it.

I then looked up and though to have seen rain clouds heading our direction. Everybody else said the same thing and they motioned me to go with them. I then turned off the light and I took the map fragment with me figuring that it could do something to help me. We then drove towards what we though was a safe haven, but found out that those are increasing in short supply and on top of that, the army have managed to capture some of members of the Gakkerian government. Looks like I have to talk to those soldiers to get more leads. So I decided to see if I can talk to them and knock some sense into them and the best way to do is to talk to the first one I saw. As the sun rose, we came upon a checkpoint and asked the driver, “Where are you going?”

The driver responded, “Just looking for a camp so that we can stay safe.”

“Sorry, we can't let you do that, you're an enemy combatant.”

“Since when?”

“Since the war, where we declare everybody combatants.”

“This is not a war, this is ethnic cleansing.”

“Who cares?”

This is where it struck me, they admit to what they are doing as a crime and they do not care, this is not what the society was meant to be, this is not what they agreed to. This makes no sense at all. I must do something about it. I asked my friend to let me out. He hesitated, but he let me out. I then told him not to worry and just watch and see. This has to end someway somehow. I then walked over to guard post and talked to the solider. He then asked, “What's going on here?”

I then said, “I wanted to talk to you.”

“Talk to me some other time, you're holding up the line.” I then excused myself and was going to tell my friend to pull over, but I have changed my mind and let the other drivers figure out their frustration. I only told to turn off the ignition. He did and I went back to continue the conversation. He said, “Tell your friend to pull over or move on, he can't block the traffic.”

I then retorted, “The hell he can, once those pissed off people have figured out your plan, they will rise up and drive you out.”

“With what? We will just mow them down.”

“I am going to put this nicely, leave these people alone or the empire will know about your crimes and you will answer to them.”

“And who the hell are you anyways?”

“For you information, I am Reijinni, the great, the powerful, the wise, and you smelly Nikki, you should know better that to commit these crimes.”

“Nobody has the right to call us Jaberneke, 'Nikki' and get away with it. We do as we please.”

“Not really and I would want to speak with your commanding officer.'


“OK then, I'll just tell the other drivers that they're cannon fodder and worthless. And on top of that, disposable.”

“Go ahead, they won't care.”

“Alright, watch me.”

As I moved from vehicle to vehicle, I told the drivers the army's evil intent and have them decide how to react. As I would have figured, they all got out of their cars and started towards the checkpoint to give the guard a piece of their mind. After he was beaten to within an inch of his life, he then let me and my mob talk to his C.O.

As the sun set a few hours later, I got the mob and we headed towards a nondescript building in the middle of an army camp where several soldiers were waiting for us. We got to the front door and they waved us in. once we got in, we saw several more soldiers and their commanding officer. After a while, the C.O. introduced himself Col. Gallun Zunderwak of the Strocian 5th Army division. I then told him who I was. The colonel was surprised by my name and then mentioned, “So you're the one who was stirring up trouble back on Strocia? What was your purpose?”

“The people of Strocia needed a new guide for their order since they are too busy sliding back into their old ways and as I saw here, the regression is severe indeed. My purpose is to set a new path for the Pandasi immigrants to Strocia that is somewhat different form that of their home country and to see the exclave of their country the new way of living. So what were you expecting anyways?”

The colonel than responded, “I wasn't expecting that would actually meet the guy. So now please, speak your peace.”

“And so I will. As you can see, these people are victims of an unjust policy. These people are being uprooted form their home, saw their friends and relatives captured and/or slaughtered, seeing their entire towns leveled. They do not like the fact that their country is crumbling around them and not knowing how to stop it and all for what? So that the Tridentese can take their land and claim it as their own? I also know that Hrosia and Gakkeria can't be mentioned in the same sentence, but I am going to do it anyways. When Strocia tried to retake Hrosia, there was on an outcry and they let Hrosia remain a free state. There is similar outcry against the takeover of Gakkeria. But this time the Jabernaut Union is deaf to their cries.

“Is this your plan, to silence Gakkeria and its citizens so that nobody would know that this place existed? Are you planning to let the people know that there is a Gakkeria? Are planning to let the people everywhere know the truth about Gakkeria, or are you going to say that the Gakkerians were terrorists? Is this your plan or are you going to stop this slaughter and let the Gakkeria live in peace with the Empire? So what do you have to say about this?”

After the speech, the soldiers present surrounded the room and detained everybody including me. I then spoke out, “why are you doing this?'

The colonel then said, “You know too much and you must be silenced!”

A few moments later, we were taken to a holding cell where we will be held not knowing our ultimate fate. The room is crowded with the citizens and there I am taking a good look at the room looking for an escape path, but so far in this underground dungeon, there is none. I then asked the guard, but one of the other prisoners told me that it was impossible to talk to them and any attempt to do so will only result in a harsher punishment. So am I going to be resigned to my fate, or will I try to escape?

Chapter II


I am not sure of what it is to come, but there is a small light bulb on the ceiling, but it is weak and it will last much longer and since there are no windows in this room, I am not sure how long I will last without a recharge. The other prisoners are being fed, which should lessen my claims on abuse. I really cannot recharge because they will know what I am and I am not ready to reveal that to them. When I do get a chance to get some 'privacy' to recharge, it is not long enough to do me any good. I have a strange feeling that they will deliver my fate as soon as I am too weak to resist.

Another disadvantage of being kept in such a room is I really cannot tell what day it is and my time telling abilities are getting rusty and the other prisoners are of no help either. Every once in a while, the guards come in and check on us to see how we are doing and they disappear again. I then took a nap to conserve my energy. Strangely when I woke a few hours later the room seems to be less crowded than before. I asked some of them and they told me that the guards came and took away some of them and they have not been heard from since. I feared the worst has already happened to them and I stood up and raised my hand to see what powers I can use to make our escape. Then suddenly I felt a strange force and I went towards to door and that's when a bolt shot out of my hand and destroyed the door. One of the prisoners then said, “What was that?”

I then explained, “I've made you an exit, hurry if you want to leave.”



As the prisoners made their way towards the exit, the guards were alerted and made their way to our pen. I then told them if they want to leave, fight the guards and knock them out and then take their weapons. Now that a prison break is in progress, I stole a rifle and killed the guard with it. I then went around to the other pens and freed the other prisoners. The army was soon overwhelmed with escapees and is having a hard time stopping it.  Colonel Zunderwak then showed up to assess the chaos and is horrified and ordered his troops to stop it. My primary mission is to leave the area, hopefully while still alive and with as many prisoners as possible. As I made my way through the gauntlet, I then discovered what happened to the prisoners that were let out earlier. They were executed, which pissed off the rebellion. They know now that they are not only prisoners but also cannon fodder. Somehow this is the moment to reveal my true self and guide the rebels to victory.

It is at that moment that when I revealed myself is when everybody my true self, my jabernaut self and my real powers. The rebellion was at first in shock and disbelief, then in wonderment. The army, on the other hand, was completely caught off-guard. I then used my blast wave to clear an exit for the rebellion. I then caused confusion for the army as I went for the colonel and held him hostage. It was not easy to capture him, but I did manage to restrain him and after the restraint I made a demand to the army that unless I get to see the people orchestrating the massacre, the colonel dies. As they are figuring out whether the demands are real or not, I reminded them that I was not bluffing and get the people on the phone. As they were deciding on whether to accept my demands, I talked to the colonel about the war and if he knew who was directing the war. He did but he did not want to tell that detail to me. I remind him of the stakes and that Gakkeria needs to live. He then looked at me and said, “I really don't care if Gakkeria lives or dies, all that it matters is that we have control of the territory. This is a part of Trident 7 and is meant to be just a mere province, not an independent country. We are telling the people to accept our rule.”

I then said, “Well, you're going about it the wrong way, you can't make them accept your demands while they think that their land is being invaded. If you want them to join you, there are less destructive ways of going by this. Maybe if you can stop the war and start negotiations for a treaty and maybe, just maybe that this tragedy will end.

“While I am thinking of it, are there ships bombarding from orbit? And if so, I will have to take care of them as well.”

“I hate to tell you this, but there are and there is nothing you can do to stop them. Only the commanders can stop them and I'm not telling you where those are.”

“You will and I have a felling that your ships are sitting ducks.”

As the days wore on, one of the soldiers managed to find where I was and wanted to tell me about my demands, but I first told him to stand around the corner and talk to me from there.  He stood there and said, “We are still debating to see if you are worth a bother or just a mere nuisance. We don't deal with nobodies. You got it, kid?”

I then replied, “If proof is what you want...”

The hostage then spoke, “Just meet his demands, he is more trouble that what you want to deal with.”

The solider the said, “Is that so, I would have to see that for myself.”

He then made the mistake of moving from his spot and approaching me. That is when I proved my point by striking the dumb solider and left a deep gash in his torso. He then saw the gash and is bleeding profusely. He now realized what he was dealing with as of now he has no doubt in what he is dealing with. He then apologized for making that mistake and with that I healed his gash with my hand. I also told him that if he slips again, he wouldn't be as lucky. He got the message and left. A few moments later, I left with my hostage and we left the compound after receiving an offer to talk to the commanders.

Col Zunderwak mentioned that I have no idea of where we are going, so I told him about the main base. He then said that the main base is somewhere near the Gakkerian capital, Smedarri. It is there to spy on the government and to disrupt communications. He then said, “If anyone would try to disrupt the war effort, it would be here.” I then landed outside of their shooting range and made my prisoner walk in front of me so that we will not get shot.  As we near the front gate, a couple of guards accosted us and asked us, “Why are we here?”

The colonel then responded, “Do you know who you are dealing with? I am one of your best colonels on the battle field and the Gakkerian fear me.”

“Then why are you here?”

“To talk about the progress of the war.”

“You may approach the gates, but your friend must stay behind.”

“He must come with me.”

“We're sorry, he can't.”

I then took out their cameras and alarms and made the guards open the gates. They did and we proceeded on inside. Once we made it inside, two more guards approached us saying that they can direct us to the office. I let them and sure enough, we arrived at the office with three jabernauts inside, the one behind the desk seems to be Tridentese and the others either Trigonian or Ra'tanian, I could not tell which. The point is that we made it in and I made my demands known and told him that war must be stopped. He then told us of the rebellion that is surprising going well despite the threats and violence. He wanted to know who their leader is so that he can capture him. I then said, “They have no single leader.”

The Tridentese then said, “Then I will capture all of their leaders.”

“Major problem. You don't know who they are or how many there are. And how do you know that once you capture several people that they can be replaced leaving you to start over again. The only thing you can do is to end this war and pull out.”

“I, General Zigiro, refuse to end this war and I will win against the people. This nation and its people will not survive.”

“If you don't end this war, I will kill my hostage.”

“Go ahead and kill him, He means little to us and we will have an excuse to arrest you.”

Colonel Zunderwak then said, “If my life matters little, why are you willing to waste your time in investigating my death? My life may be meaningless, but now I considering sacrificing my career and life to stopping the war.”

I then said to him, “You are deciding to work with me? Have you thought this all the way through? You do know what it means to work with me?”

Col. Zunderwak said, “I now resign my commission and have seeing the light, will now try my best to convince people that Gakkeria shall be free. This army has shown no improvements and until now, I have no idea on how to express my disapproval on this war. Until this institution cares about conducting a fair war, I quit and now I join Reijinni as one of his soldiers.”

“Thanks, let's go as we will not make any progress here for now. Let's go for we need another method of undermining this army. Zunderwak, you will be my messenger.”

“I agree, let's go, better progress will be made with the rank and file.”

We then leave the base and started the campaign by trying to converting the guards. Some of them accepted the message and started to spread the message throughout the base. The support for the war has started to disintegrate from within. Dissatisfaction with the war has now started to affect the rank and file. Zunderwak wanted to go back to tell his men about the change, but I told him that since he is now a wanted machine, his former troops will now have orders to kill on sight. He understood and I gave him some help in defending himself. What I gave him were two bodyguards that were very handy in dispatching jabernauts. And with that I sent him off knowing that now that I have an ally instead of a hostage.

The sky has been clear for several days now, but now there were raining missiles upon my position, so I looked for a way out of the town and the hailstorm. I finally saw a way out that involved going into the sewers and once I no longer heard the volley, I emerged onto what seemed to be refugee camp. The Gakkerians that were there were surprised to see me. Most of them have started to hear about me and my travels. I then asked them, “I see the missiles raining on that spot in the distance, but not over here, I wonder why that is?”

One of the residents then said, “The reason why they can’t see us is that they’re stupid and they still think that the fighters are in that city while we hid the camp from their space ships.” At that moment, the missiles are starting to get closer and closer and apparently, some of them went in the other direction. And when I thought the strikes had moved on, the camp was hit by several missiles. I then say to him, “Where’s your secret now?”

He then said, “We just got lucky, that’s all. Apparently, they found out about this place and they are starting to shoot this place. Tell the people to get out of here.” Now that I am really mad, not just angry, mad, I flew up in the middle of the volley and started my magic. As I did my moves, I sent the missiles hurling the missiles back towards the ships. The ships did manage to deflect their own missiles, but I also gained enough energy to hurl the ships out of orbit and towards their home bases.

A few days later, I got word that the revolts are going well and the troop morale has started to decrease. I then told them, “Thanks for the report and with that news, you can continue to make the Union pay without me directing the battle. I will be leaving you soon and even though I don’t know where I’ll wind up next, my spirit and influence will still be with you to guide you through your battles.”

And with that, I left the planet and went on to points unknown.