This is what we hope will be a regular feature here as we interview a few subjects of interest.

Welcome to the interview session. This session features one of the greater members of this world, Draxar Milanka Cura, former military personnel, part founder, and current explorer.

Me: How's life been treating you?

DC: Life is good right now with all of the places that I get to go to. My wife, Gracie travels with me as we gather intelligence about our empire. My children speak highly of me at times and do try to contact me depending on where I am.

Me: How are you being remembered?

DC: Some will remember me as a great solider, some others will remember me for being a great pain in the ass, and others will remember me as a friend. I will also be remembered as a founder of a great political party and benefactor of a seismic shift in the Dimandi Republic. The people of 'Pandasia' shall remember me as the aforementioned pain, father of four children, one of which is one of their princes.

Me: Why did you go to 'Pandasia' in the first place?

DC: To understand that, we have to look at the war against the Jabernauts for that answer. It was there I was still serving in the army for the United Military Organization (U.M.O.) under General Dwayne Diyules. While I was there, crazy things are happening.

Me: What do you mean crazy things, is there a point?

DC: Let me finish, there is. There are crazy parties, people being thrown out of windows, and threat of tornadoes. I got tired of dodging and getting hurt, so I tried to go to another place, but those efforts thus far has failed. Then one day when the fighting went to the place in question and we have to save some important people from being captured or killed. One of those people is the heir to their throne. We send her back with us and kept the others at an undisclosed location.

When we got her back, we put her in the day care since she was so young. She was happy with her new friends and I was still having my troubles and I guess one day as I was complaining as usual, she heard me by accident and she asked them to find whoever made the request. It took some time, but they were convinced to start looking. They then got around to hearing my request to leave and that's when I got to meet her. She then offered the opportunity of going with her and to be on her army. I don't know why I did what I did, but I said yes and they strangely accepted it. What happened while I was there is a story for another time.

Me: So is there anything else you can tell us now?

DC: Not at the moment, but we can talk more later.

Me: Thanks for the interview. That does it for now.

We now have arrived for another interview, that time we talk to Venga de Vagana, a former soldier about her life after prison.

Me: Welcome to the interview session. Now how are you doing?

Venga de Vagana: I'm, doing fine, thanks.

Me: Now remind the audience why you were in prison for?

VdV: I went to prison for murder. I accidentally killed one of my best friends. All I wanted him to do is to try out a recipe that I have made. I didn't know that his neck was that fragile.

Me: And how long did you serve that sentence?

VdV: Fifteen years.

Me: And how you were treated when you got out?

VdV: When I got out, I thought that there will be people waiting fro me with open arms. But when the time came, there were very few open arms, there were mostly hostile gestures. My old friends at first welcomed me back, but they reminded me of the rules. I did change, but not enough to overcome the past stigma. And on top of that, they didn't tell me that my father had died. They did keep me, but after a while, they sent me packing.

I then tried to go back home to Vatara, but found out that not only that I was no longer a princess, but that if I were to entry, I would be arrested. So I went to Mars to find my dad's family. They had the friendliest reception of all. Of course I needed to have a bodyguard to keep me out of trouble.

Me: Who exactly is this bodyguard?

VdV: My bodyguard, who is sitting behind me, is Khayaddi Cura.

Me: Ahh, Cura? Have I heard this name before?

KhC: Yes, Draxar is my father. Luckily, he kept me hidden for several years until he knows that I'm ready to reveal myself.

VdV: Thanks for caring for me and for sticking by me!

KhC: Welcome.

Me: That concludes our interview. Bye and see us next time.

VdV, KhC: Bye!

Hello and welcome to another interview session. This time I am talking to Wolfstar and his life after the military.

Me: Welcome to the interview session, Wolfstar.

Wolfstar: Thanks.

Me: So are you enjoying your life away from the military?

WZ: So far, yes. Now I don't have to do so many things and I can concentrate on doing other things that I didn't know that I could do.

Me: Mr. Wolfstar, please state your full name. We will go into that explanation later.

WZ: The full name is Wolfstar Zhang-Li. You are wondering about the last name. That is because somebody adopted me after I went to her ship to do some work.

Me: The reason why I asked for your full name is because you got it in a strange way. What is that way?

WZ: The way I got my last name is that one of the workers, Mrs. Zhang-Li wanted to look after me and they accepted. I have no idea that she or any of her kind were on board since it was registered as a Jabernaut ship. Anyways, after I was done with the ship and I left to get a new home, I lived with her for a few years until she went back to work and I had struck out on my own. Once I thought I accidentally made it to Pandaisa, but since I saw several Jabernauts and hovercars, which I knew didn't exist in Pandasia, I knew that I had made it to my new home. I took on her name after she 'adopted' me and added me to her family even though I didn't sever my ties to my real family.

Me: Did you take a liking to them?

WZ: Not at first. I had to be worn down and after a while I've started to tolerate them and even protecting them. What drove me up the wall is that I had to wear some strange costume and that I had to marry a woman that they picked out. I ditched the costume after a couple of years and I found another woman to marry after many rejections from my attempts to marry somebody of my own species. To really answer that question, it's an acquired taste.

Me: That woman that they wanted you to marry, what happened to her?

WZ: In short, after an incident, we had to part. The incident did not involve me, per se, but my brother, who was adopted by my then next-door neighbor. The initial reason why we parted is because I did not wanted to marry her and was disturbed by the concept of me marrying her. So my brother and I tried to find a more suitable mate for her, without her knowledge of course, and we found what we thought was a nice guy that sold me my first house. He then claimed her as his and we parted not hearing for them until a horrible incident in which she had to flee him and a few days later to the incident with my brother. That led us to put out a restraining warrant on her. She had since remarried and the only one from my group that sees her is the lady that currently is my wife.

Me: I hope it wasn't too difficult for you to explain?

WZ: It is when it been bothering you for all of these years.

Me: Anything else you want to say?

WZ: Nothing else.

That concludes another interview session. Join us next time.