I have yet once again set out to do some more interviews. This time, I hope to get some new voices with this set, let's see how it goes.


This first Interview features a person that you have seen before, but this time he is by himself, please welcome Khayddia Cura.


Me: Hello and welcome.

Khayaddi: Welcome. Nice to see you again.


Me: I see that Venga is not with you this time, Where is she?

KhC: She had found somebody else and he is taking care of her this time. I have warned him about her temper.


Me: Her temper? Is she still flying off her top?

KhC: Not quite as often. She has quieted down from the past, but she still can go off without warning.


Me: What I really want to talk to you about is your connection to royalty. Are you aware of your connections?

KhC: Not really. I know that Venga was a princess and that my dad and brothers have connections to royalty. As for me, I have none and want none.


Me: Do you see yourself a protecting Venga from herself for the rest of your life?

KhC: Not full time since get has managed a to find a lover that doesn't mind what she did and also thinks that he can keep her under control. If he can do that, I can go on to other things and only have to step in during emergencies.


Me: Do your sisters help you out any?

KhC: They do have a limited role in my life but they are good help with me and Venga, especially with crises that can only be done between women. They also help out with my homework, especially with history, math, and literature. They are great company and I like having them around.


Me: Have you decided on your future yet?

KhC: As far as I'm concerned, I have considered continuing my real estate dealings. I've also looked into several other options. I will figure out what to do within the next few months as I get my life sorted out.


Me: Anything else you want to say?

KhC: Of course, First of all, this is a good relief session and my friends and family are glad to have me around. Dad is kind of a freak, but he means well and Mom is really helpful. I really hope to see them soon. Thanks for the opportunity for this discussion.



We are back with another interview, this time with a bot whose life have been changed in a way that he didn't expect.


Me: Welcome to another interview session. This time I have a former soldier, Gansta' Boy or Wei Shanhan as he is now known. As he is redoing his life after a series of misfortunes is finally trying to settle down and live a decent life without trouble.

Wei: That is a decent intro. Right now I'm trying to prove that my past should not try to get in the way of my future since the ones that put the charges have since looked the other way. Unfortunately, everybody else has not. All I can do at this point is to stay out of trouble.


Me: One way in which people settle down is to get married. Do you feel comfortable with the concept?

Wei: Not really but I have gotten used to it to some degree. I've tried it once, but the wife broke the one rule that I have told her.


Me: What rule is that?

Wei: The rule that I did not want a child. She bore a child anyways. And so as a penalty, I left her and the child, but I did leave a little something for the child. That I will not discuss. After that, I thought that I was done with marriage, but I was wrong.


Me: What is it like to get another shot at marriage?

Wei: it is strange and wonderful at the same time. I really didn't want to do this again, but somebody convinced me to try again and this time, I might actually like my mate.


Me: Want do you see in her that made you want to get married again?

Wei: For one, the girl has some strange attraction to me and is willing to get into my messes and tries to help me out with mixed results. The fact that she evens wants to be with me is something in itself. I really didn't want to get married again, but after all the things that she has done for me, I might chance it and go with her.


Me: It seems that the two of you have managed to see something in each other. Does she know anything about you and vice-versa?

Wei: I know Xi Long has loving parents that are willing to protect her and care for her. She sometimes has a questionable choice of dress that I might not even elaborate. What I think what she knows of me is my current job and the mishaps that might or might not be connected with my past life as a soldier. She also knows that I have good friends that will back me up when needed and care about me.


Me: Does she know about your past life?

Wei: What she knows of my past is what I and my friends tell of her. You mean the 'dark times', then yes, I have told her of that time and she understands that and knows that I'm trying to distance myself from that but will still refer to it from time to time. She seems strangely at ease with that part of my life and will love me regardless.


Me: How do you see your future with her?

Wei: It's going to be uncertain not knowing what will happen but she will have a part in it and I feel that we might be a good couple and If I get over my uneasiness, it might even marry her and hopefully have a happy marriage and life together.


Me: Do you still see your old wife?

Wei: Sometimes, but it is next to unavoidable since my old wife is my brother's wife's sister and they sometimes like to appear together and when that happens, I wind up somewhere else. Recently, I have seen our son and he is doing fine and I hope he enjoys his life with his new father.


Me: Why the uneasiness?

Wei: It keeps from doing things that might mess me up and destroy me. Having a child with either of my wives is my greatest unease and it is unlikely to go away anytime soon. Seeing the child really brought it out. Looking at the child made me realize why I didn't want him in the first place. Sometimes this is a good thing too.


Me: If you relocate, will she go with you?

Wei: If you mean back to Vectoria, she has thought about coming with me. I won't know what she decides until it is close to that time. All I care is that is her decision to make and she will have no one else but herself to blame. All I know that my life will go on regardless of what she decides to do with hers and I will keep doing the things that I want to do.


Me: Thanks for time.

Wei: Welcome.


That will do it for another interview session.



We now bring you another interview. this time not with a character of the story, but a person that has been studying one of the peoples involved in these adventures. We bring you the author of the book “Long-term Travels of the Dimandi” by famed Dimandi author Dwis Dzangu.


Me: Welcome, Ms. Dzangu.

DwD: Welcome.


Me: Thanks for stopping by. What has brought you to write this book on Dimandi travel habits?

DwD: My main motivation for the book is that I was curious where the Dimandi go when they travel and what they experience on those travels. I've heard stories of the trips to far-off places, the things that they saw there and some of the people that had booked one-way trips.


Me: Have you been on any of those trips yourself?

DwD: A few. I did see some that became their own civilizations because they been away for so long and others returning and for a long time, they didn't realize that changes have been made.


Me: What are the strangest reactions that you have seen from these long-distance travelers?

DwD: The strangest reactions that I've seen from them is that when they returned is for them to realize that the country is now a republic. A stranger reaction is that the county is now being fought over by two families and that Cydonia is no longer part of the country.


Me: What about the travelers that have shocked you?

DwD: The biggest surprise is that some did not expect to return and have formed their own government and have ran it from their ships. Some have even accepted immigrants to those ships. Some even had found places to settle down and made permanent colonies on other worlds.


Me: Have you accepted the fact that some will never return?

DwD: It depends on who that person is. If it is a person that I wanted to see again, then no. Other than that, I have and accepted the fact that they're never coming back.


Me: What do you think they actually wanted to come home at some point?

DwD: The ones that planned on coming home took only short-term trips while those that wanted to see more of the galaxy packed up everything they had to take with them and said their goodbyes. I'm surprised that the government still allowed the long-term trips.


Me: Why were you surprised about the long-term trips?

DwD: Because they would be away from the country for months if not years at a time, reducing the workforce, family relations and the economy. They would find that the world they came home to is not the world that they left behind. I am surprised that people would be willing to leave everything they know and have just to travel. They might as well start living in a new country.


Me: Thanks, we'll have to leave it here. Thank you for coming.

DwD: Thanks.