These new conversations should shed some more light upon the quests

We have gathered yet another time to talk to an old friend to see what he has done since our last conversation


Me: Hello and welcome back to our session, Mr Wei.

Wei: It's nice to talk to you again. Since our last conversation, I have remarried and had another son. I have loved both of my sons equally. And before you say anthing, I did get custody of my other son.


Me: How and why you get custody of your son?

Wei: Apparently since the ex has heard that I was getting hitched again and is getting another child, she thought they the child will be better off with me since the children that she was giving birth will be purebred and that they wouldn't play nice together. Apparently, My older child did take well to his new sibling and new mother and loving them both just fine. The ex did have her child and when they did visit, her kid did play fine with both and they had no problems playing with each other. She also knows that I left a few things to the child and not her and since she won't be getting any of that stuff, so I got the child and transfered the stuff to another bank. We would be with each other more, but being on different planets would not allow do that very often. Thanks for the mention and that is also a reason why we are here.


Me: Why the mention of the kids?

Wei: Because my remaining brothers wanted me to stick around and take care of my kids. They have already have taken care of their kids and only see their grandchildren every now and then despite being int the same area. When I say 'they', I meant Raco since Casebrai refuses to have kids.


Me: What do you mean about your 'remaining brothers'?

Wei: When I say 'remining brothers' is since Wolfstar's death a while back, I have one less brother to talk to and sicne hewas the one that I talk to the most, my conversations are not the same without him since he can collorabate with me about certain events, especially the ones that happen in the few years since the war. But with new experiences and new people, I have been making new conversations.


Me: How did Wolfstar die and what are you going to make sure that it does not strike again?

Wei: He died because he believed that with our passing, our children will gain access to government seats. But he also told us that as long as we can still influence them directly, they are blocked from government jobs and not allowed to run for office. He also said once that all of us passed on, there is no more direct contact and all that is left is for the ones that have any memory of us while we are still living has to pass as well and only the ones that have no influence from us shall then hold a office. Apperently, this will take a few generations for it to pan out. As for stopping it, we would have to meet it and hopefully we all die together and hope that our families can retreive our bodies. As for how he died, all we know he went to battle with this monster and it delivered a fatal blow. We did not do an autopsy to discover what happened, but we did retreive his memories.


Me: I think you do know what the monster that is tormenting you is. Why won't you tell?

Wei: I might after all know what you are talking about, but I'll leave that story to my widow.


Me: Would your wife be alright in the event of your demise?

Wei: She'll manage. The funniest thing about the incident is that nobody cares about the dead person unless the dead guy is someone that you have been in constant contact with. That's the funny thing, the guy who keeps saying stuff about missing a loved one is also the guy that we're missing.


Me: Thanks for coming again ans hope to se you again soon.

Wei: Of course, I have a good time with you and it's a pleasure.