Today was an ordinary day. The day was like any other except for one thing, a Dimandi may finally get to meet his siblings for the first time. This was the case for Khayaddi Cura for he was like no other because even though he looked like his sisters, he will be acting like his brothers. He is excited to meet them and he knows why he had not had any contact with them. This occasion has arrived because his siblings had arrived for a family reunion and are anxious to meet them, besides he feels that he is ready to meet them personally and without fear of being reported to authorities.

As he gets ready for the meeting, several thoughts run through his head including whether the meeting is a bad idea, or that his siblings would hate him, or things might turn ugly. As the day progressed, he was worried about how the events might turn out, but as soon as he arrived, he really was worried. His cousin, Serevich Korante, put his fears to rest saying, "If they do get angry, they’ll go after your father first, giving you time to leave while they are thrashing him." With that putting him to rest, he looked around and decided to talk to some more of his cousins and other relatives figuring out what his siblings are like. Something told him that they are there because he saw a few people that do not fit in with the rest of the crowd. Then he realized that those people were guarding his brother and his family. He got scared, but what finally calmed him down is that they do not know who he is and can simply passed himself off as another cousin and when the guards approached him, that is exactly what he did.


His fears did not exactly start days before the meeting; they started several years ago, when he first learned that he had siblings. His parents told him when they left; they decided to have another child to keep them company. What happened that he was hatched and though that he was a girl at first because he looked like his sisters and not reptilian like his brothers, but discovered that it was a male despite the avian look of his sisters. They would have told his siblings of his birth, but were afraid that he would disappear from him like they did, so he told only the people that did not have direct relations with the other children. He then asked, "So whom am I suppose to fear, dad? Is it the people that you abandoned and Milanka is working for or is it the Empire?"

Draxar then responded, "It is a kingdom that I am familiar with and actually lived there for a while, which explains your siblings' allegiance. I lived there for a while with them until we left the country for a few years, then we were dragged back until I had to leave the country and my family behind. You know how the rest turned out."


From then he started to know what was going on with the family and why even though he talked to the other members of his family, he never talked about his siblings, especially one of his brothers. When he saw the guards, he knew which country he was talking about. Suddenly one of the guards saw him and asked, "Who are you?"

He then said remembering that they don't know him, "I am Khayaddi and I'm just visiting from a nearby dome." He was satisfied with the answer and they went their separate ways. He knew why he was here; he is with his brother, Milanka, the prince and his family. He also saw another guard talking to another person who looked like his brother except he had long saber-like teeth. He thinks that person is Zelon and the two girls that looked liked him are his sisters Dweza and Dwoza because they were wearing their Empire Korps shirts that day and he knew that not many members of his family did duty outside of Mars. The next thing he knew is that he saw Zelon with what appears to be several lottery tickets that he was scratching off. But before he could approach him, the tickets disappeared as soon Milanka approached him to question about the tickets. Zelon denied about ever having the tickets, but as soon as Milanka went on his way, he whipped the tickets out again and Khayaddi went to ask him about it. He then said, "Why do you like those tickets so much?"

Zelon then replied, "If it is any of your business, I play them to try to win me some money and hopefully to get a wife."

"Why did you hide them from Milanka, then?"

"Because he doesn't want me to play these games. Get this, he thinks that they're more trouble then what they are worth and I am wasting my time with them."

"Then why don't you quit or maybe slow down?"

"Slow down, I'll try not to buy quite as many, buy I don't usually stop until I find the one that I liked."

"You're addicted, aren't you?"

"What do you mean addicted?"

"Addicted as in not knowing when enough is enough. Find another hobby or just do some odd jobs."

"Thanks and I see my dad coming, leave."


What he feels like telling him is that Draxar was also his father and he did leave. He is still deciding on how to break the news to them. He decided to make it blunt and screw the consequences. He decided to speak to Dweza to test it out on her. He then asked her, "What if someone that you have never met told you that he was your brother?"

Dweza then asked, "Why ask this question and who is this brother that wanted to meet with us so badly?"

"The person that wants to ask this question is among you and unless he has some assurances, might get sent to a place that he doesn’t want to go."

"What place?"

"The same place you wound up when you was little."

"Oh, that place wasn’t quite that bad. Where is this person anyway?"

"He is somewhere around here and the reason that you don’t know him is that your father was too afraid of losing him like what happened to you."

"He shouldn’t be too afraid, he hasn’t lost us and he won’t lose our brother either."

"In that case, I’m your brother. I’d told you that stuff because I did not know how you would have taken the news. I hope that you’re not too mad about the deception."

"You’re right, we don’t believe it. You better not be lying."

"Ask Dad for I am telling the truth."

Dweza then looks for their dad to confirm his story. Meanwhile, Zelon approached him to figure what is going on and he said to hold on till she came back. Now that he has a new worry, one that involves his father's reaction to the story. As he was thinking about the situation, Dweza came back not only with their father, but with Ektoi and Satoi Berricanius came as well. They were all surprised that it finally came out. Draxar then said, "What made you think that now was the time to reveal it?"

Khayaddi then said, "Because I wasn't sure if I would have another opportunity to do this face-to-face with them. I also though that I was old enough to deal with the consequences by myself. I also needed to get the fact out of my way before I could move on with my life. Do what you want with me, I've made up my mind and I'm sticking to it. So what do you have to say about that?"

"I didn't know how I was going to reveal it, but all I knew that it was going to be revealed at sometime or rather, one way or another. But I see that you decided to do it yourself. Can't say that I'm proud or disappointed but all I can say is you did think this over and did it discreetly. No wonder I didn't catch it, I was expecting you to shout it to everybody, not sneaking around and having to 'test the waters' to see if the secret should be revealed. Besides, I was the one who was scared, not you. Scared that the Pandasi Government would claim you like they did to your brothers and sisters? Scared that I might not see you again? That is something that I didn't want."

One of Milanka's guards heard and then grabbed Talgin and rushed to the scene. Once there he handed him to Khayaddi saying, "What's all this nonsense about you being Draxar's boy. I though the he had only two?"

Khayaddi then said, "That is what he wanted you to think. He did not want you to get your paws all over me and besides, who's this that I'm holding?"

"That's you nephew, Talgin. Isn't he nice? This is the first time that he even seen and touched you. Please make him happy in knowing that are a good uncle."


"So what should we tell our queen?"

"Nothing for now let Milanka tell her."

"Besides, when are you coming to visit our country?"

"That's a big decision; I'll have to think it over with my family."

"Take your time, we'll be waiting. Also, can I have your nephew back?"

"Sure. Here you go."


Once the commotion has died down and everybody started eating, the situation was assessed and they decided that it had to happen and the fault really lies with Draxar. He accepted and they accepted it. When they finished eating and cleaning up the place, everybody went home to rest before dispersing to their homes. Khayaddi then met with Ektoi and Satoi indoors at the living room to discuss what happened. They were all amazed that it went the way that it went and not some other way. It seems now they have nothing to fear from his existence of the fact of his relations. They are all glad to face this reality and had enough time to play some games. They knew the time was over when Draxar and Marcus came to collect their children. Marcus knew of the commotion and appreciated what has happened.

But before everybody had left, Khayaddi also told them that they also shared the same mother, which answered Dweza's question of why they looked alike. Now with that quest out of the way, they took some pictures of the family so that Milakna and the guards would have something to remember Khayaddi by. At least he now feels happy that they knew about him and still gets to stay home. Everybody is proud of him.

The End