1. Wal-Mart is the enemy of all humanity and must be destroyed.
  2. No Nikes
  3. Listen to Rock 'n' Roll
  4. Don't go to church
  5. Evolution is #1
  6. NO sandals
  7. Play computer games
  8. Look at many naked pictures of women
  9. Chevies crushes Fords (Lincolns, Mercuries, Jaguars, Volvos)
  10. PCs and Macs are both great.
    the big battle
  11. All purple dinosaurs must die!
  12. Most Catholics are crooked as Nixon.
  13. Free porno for everybody!
  14. Vegans are weaklings.
  15. All salads must be banned!
  16. "Fat free" should cost more (and they do!)
  17. Sonic, Jack in the Box, and Arby's are the best restaurants in town!
  18. Support the free choice of abortion.
  19. Prayers are useless.
  20. Gospel isn't music and Rock 'n' Roll is.
  21. Cursing to be made acceptable.
  22. U.T. must undergo castrations and butt-whoopings.
  23. Michigan has the biggest stadium in college football.
  24. W.W.J.D. should stand for "Who Would Jesus Do?"
  25. Knoxville must be renamed Stupidville.
  26. The 11/19/06, 11/17/12, 11/23/13, and 11/26/16 Vandy- U.T. games are the greatest games of all time.
  27. Green Bay Packers can't even play football.
  28. Thou shalt not eat tofu.
  29. Soap Operas are a disgrace and a huge waste of time.
  30. Orpah Winfrey is a big fat cow whose 'media empire' must be dismantled.
  31. The real U.T. is in Dallas.
  32. Republicans are in the way of the perfect society.
  33. NO ranch Dressing.

Churches think that they can solve problems, but most of the time they cause them. Religions doesn't solve problems, they cause them. Their biggest is stopping wars, some of which they started.

I've added a new page listing places, products, and organizations to boycott.

I've also added a list of places that I support.