This page is about the events that aren't in the stories and is the stuff that I will be doing until I decided to write another story. This is a tracking page.

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March 2041

The Empire Korps has been enlisted by the Chargosian Armed Forces to help combat a terror group known as "Kittens of Kaos" (KOK).

The KOK has now launched a nationalist campaing calling the Empire Korps, "foreign invaders" and the Chargosian soliders, "collaborators."

April 2041

Great Nadarhar Hotel in Ghostmane Province of Chargos has been attacked by KOK forces. Causalities are unknown.

June 2041

Wolfstar and family finally made it to Vartuna for a 2 week 'vacation'.

Wolfstar made trouble when he and the family made it to closed-off area inhabited by the Veke-an. He is now being helped by the Strocian Consulate and the Vartunian Socialist Party. The VSP's goals is to end Zagrata's exile.

The Vartunian government is not happy and wants them arrested.

The Vartunian governmet has capitulated and allowed the no-go zone to be dropped and to end Zagrata's exile leading her to return to her homeworld a hero.

Several Imperial and Chargosian troops were killed during several raids on KOK camps.

July 2041

More bombings of KOK camps.

August 2041

Several leaders of the KOK have been found dead and the rest were captured by the Chargosian army. They hope that this episode will bring the unrests to an end.

The KOK are still on the attack even thought they have been severely weakened. They are only targeting vehicles instead of tourist hotspots.


The Vectorian 4 have heard the news that their trip home is coming closer to reality.

Wolfstar, Casebrai, and Wei Shan-an have met with a military official and several delegates of the Vectorian government in discussing arrangements for Chernobyl's funeral. Raco have met with his own delegation on Raconia.

The town where Chernobyl' came from is less than receptive to the group's arrival and decided to move the ceremony to a nearby town.

Several months later, Reijinni has been captured and executed in Pandasia. The vectorian 4 were brought to the country as guest of the government.

Wolfstar, Wei and their families have finally moved to Vectoria to start their new lives.

Wolfstar decides to take up his wife's name and the children have agreed to it as well.

Wolfstar, Wei, and Raco are taking their families to Strocia to try to talk some sense into Reiké

The four Vectorians have met their fates while destroying Red Doom. Pandaka is also mortally wounded. Researchers are still trying to figure out why he even existed in the first place.

Pandasia has fallen. The monarchy has been abolished and the royal family and former parliament has left the country and has been replaced by the regime led by Gen. Zhou Jiwu. Royal family are now now in exile in Strocia and Dimandi Republic. The parliament is in exile in Strocia

Since the overthrow of the Pandasi government, Panduria has declared itself an independent republic. The border between the two countries is marked with a wall with Pandurian artillery mounted on the tops of the wall.

A deal made with the combined Old Pandasia, Strocia, and Dimandi Republic diplomats has been reached with Panduria in regards to its future relations with the Empire. First, Old Pandasia has relinquished all claims to the territory.