A strange and very painful accident happened to Raco last year. He was dragged over a bunch of hot coals by three mice. As he was yelling ouch, the mice got a forklift and carried him to Cuba. Raco yelled "What's with you guys dragging me to Cuba anyway?" One of the mice said "We just wanted your weapons, Raco. " Raco then said "You're not getting my weapons, you dirty mice. " Then he shot the three mice with his laser-camera eye and was glad that he got rid of all three of them.

Afterwards, he saw four Blaster bots as they approach him. He was aware that he will be scrap metal if he doesn't move quickly. He then jumped on the lead bot and shredded him to pieces with bare hands. All they want was what secrets was hidden inside him. Knowing what was going on he destroyed them with his killer quills. Soon Afterwards, Raco saw the rest of them laid there dead and scrapped and knew that he has gotten rid of them.

Dos Malsons de Raco

Un accident estrany i molt dolorós passat a Raco últim any. Va ser arrossegat sobre un grapat de carbons calents per tres ratolins. Mentre cridava 'Ai', els ratolins obtingueren un carretó elevador i portat li a Cuba. Raco cridava: «Quin és amb tu xicots que m'arrosseguen a Cuba de tota manera?» Un dels ratolins diu: «només vam voler les seves armes, Raco.» Raco llavors va dir: «vosté no està rebent les meves armes els ratolins bruts.» Llavors li va disparar els tres ratolins amb el seu ull de làser-càmera i es va alegrar que

Després, veu quatre Androids de Voladura

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