This page will contain any rants that I have though of during the day. More will be added whenever I come up with something. Enjoy!

Pence should be ran out of town.

Donald Drumpf is the gateway to fascism.

Fox 'News' is a hate group.

Love the believer, hate the belief.

Fox 'News' is the refuge for the terminally stupid.

Man does not need God. God needs man. For without man, God is Nothing.

God is not the master, He's an Observer.

Have you fired God today?

Chik-Fil-A can keel over and die as far as I'm concerned.

This isn't one nation under God indivisible, that is one nation divided because of God.

There's only two choices: bad and even worse.

The country can't move forward until we ditch the anchor that is religion.

I am now convinced that religion is holding our country back.

One can easily find happiness when looking at religion through a rear-view mirror.

The only people that vote GOP are the rich and the stupid.

The difference between santiation workers and missionaries is that one takes away garbage and the other gives away garbage.

Without regulation, businesses will act like kids that just learbned that the parents are out of town for the week.

A religion that depends on state support to maintain itself is a weak religion.

Conservatives are only here to send our country into the gutter.

Religious rules does not belong in civil law.

Obama is a great president.

The "tea bag" party is a lame, lousy joke.

Sarah Palin has no business doing politics.

The conservative agenda is the reason why America is hated.

Just found out that Catholics do believe in divorce. After all, they did divorce themselves from reality.

No more Jabernauts in the White House.

Better socialist than fascist.

McCain't is the wrong change for America.

Friends don't let friends get gas from Exxon or BP.

We did not climb to the top of the food chain just to eat plants.

No quote from any holy book can be used as evidence.

Religion does not open eyes, it closes them, making the victims blind.

As long as the Church and state are intertwined, both will wither and die!

God isn't dead, he is stillborn.

McCain is a sellout.

Jesus is a never-was.

Pat Summit was and is an ugly butch.

Jesus is a fraud.

The jabernaut will be replaced soon.

Now that's Santorum is gone, keep him away from politics

How would you know if the guy who wrote the Bible did not put in certain materials just to see how dumb you are.

Christaintity is an obsolete religion that has overstayed its welcome.

De Lay is gone, now redraw Texas and dump Santorum

Pat Robertson is a retarded asshole who mouth should be welded shut.

Pat Robertson and the 700 Club must be forced off the air.

The 'W' stands for 'Wrong'. Wrong direction, wrong thinking, wrong war, wrong spending, wrong legislation.

"Jesus" never was, is, or will be the reason for this or any season. It really belonged to the pagans.

God did not make nature, nature made the gods.

Christianity is not of the way, it's in the way.

Everybody has the right to be wrong, but Bush is abusing that right.

money is not the root of evil, religion is.

just draft the illegal immigrants.

our national motto is now 'screw you!'

please leave your crosses at the entrance.

De Lay = Delay

I've found God, but I didn't like what I saw, so I rejected it.

Banning flag burning is one of the biggest mistakes that can be made because burning the flag is the way that people communicate their dissent against the government.

Christianity is like kidney stones. When you have kidney stones, it is very painful, but after they have been passed and out of your system, you feel relief. Christianity is the same way.

The only proof that "Intelligent Design" can offer is that anybody who believes in it is totally misguided. Evolution has proof, "Intelligent Design" doesn't.

We are everywhere, sanity is nowhere.

W went form a lame duck to a dead duck.

Focus on the Family is a ** sham organization

just can't stand inferior hosts.

There is no such thing as the 'right' religion

Deleto Alito

The real un-American people are the Republican majority and the White House

Scientology, Jehovah's Witnesses, Moonie church, and Mor(m)on church are not real religions, they are cults.

I am tired of hearing the 'Jesus' is the only path to saving your soul. There are other paths and other options and only a few involve this 'Jesus' fiction.