Ever since Rinthalla has agreed to look after White Porcupine and Megaraco, she barely had made time for herself. It is even harder when most of the signs are written in a language that they have no idea of what they say. She did notice that despite the difficult-to-read signs, the people are nicer than the ones that threw them out of Raconia where they last sought treatment for WP's ailments. As far as she knows, WP's treatment is on track and she is well enough to move about outside and to try to enjoy her life. As for Megaraco, he did manage to find some task to undertake while he is here and is now debating on whether to become a citizen.

For some of their situations, they do have Jawron Wazhir and Zelon Cura to help them out. Jawron, a Venar party official, is nice enough to guide them on living in the Venar Republic and how to survive. He is also the the one that helped them to read the signs and pointing them to the right spots. And Zelon Cura, a Dimandi florist, might offer some discount flowers whenever there are some available. They have helped them out a lot and made their day many times.

On days when WP Is feeling great, they go from park to park taking in the sights and wonders of the city and talking to people. Even though the speech is a difficult as the signs that she has to read on a daily basis, she did manage to figure out a few words of Venar. Her life is getting better, but there is something about those two that she still has a problem figuring out, Why Megaraco is willing to live with her but not marry her? She then figured out that she has a lot to learn about jabernaut habits and just continues to administer the medicine so that they can go out and enjoy themselves.

After several days, Rinthalla then left, leaving WP With Jawron so that she and Megaraco can take some nursing course at the local annex. They decided to take the course to better take care of her and maybe have a future in health care after that point. Even though that the course does not make them certified nurses, at least they know how to take better care of their friend. Rinthalla then said to Megaraco, “Why do you refuse to marry her? You spend a great amount of time taking care of her, you must know a lot about her by now and she knows a lot about you, so why have this kind of relationship without marriage?”

He then responded, “I like her, but not enough to marry her, I did not want my marriage to be forced. You are starting to sound like Kainon when she wanted to pair the two of us together. I refused that time and I still refuse now. As for the reason why I stayed with her as long as I did? At first, I did not want to have anything to do with her, but as soon she started to feel sick, somebody had to help her and since nobody back then wanted to help her, so I decided to help her out so that she does not have to die alone. But since her sickness took a lot out her and she took a long time to recover, so I had to help her out and now that we have developed a relationship, I now felt duty-bound to remain with her and to help her out in anyway that I can.”

“So that's why you stuck around with her?”

“Yes it is.”

With that reasoning, they thought it was best to stick around and enjoy each others company, but they also thought of what would happen if WP had died on them, would the other two stay together? Rinthalla mentioned that she would go off on her own and to find another place to live. Megaraco also said that he would go off on his own looking for his ideal mate unless she would like his company. She liked the idea of the two of them staying together for the long haul and then agreed to that point.

White Porcupine then heard the discussion and was wondering what was up. She then said, “I heard your conversation about me and I was wondering what was going on?”

Rinthalla then said, “We were just coming up with a contingency plan. It's nothing that you need to be concerned about at this moment.”


Moments later, Zelon showed up for a visit and to check things out. Rinthalla sees him at the door and lets him in. Zelon then sees that WP Is up and running. The then inquires about her health and Rinthalla said that she is fine. He then stays awhile and then runs a few more inquiries about them. He then mentions something about contacting Wolfstar. She then mentions to him about calling his brother and talking to him about lottery tickets. Zelon then said, “My brother needs not to know any further about my tickets, besides my other brother, Khayaddi also knows about it and kept that part silent. That's not the topic of discussion.”

Rinthalla then chimed in, “Then what is?”

“Your connection to Wolfstar. How are you related to him? I know that you two are related somehow. I heard about some strange things happening to him during your great battle with another part of yourself that is very powerful and mouthy. Besides, I think you might want to see him again.”

“No, I do not! Besides, I will contact him when I'm ready to contact him. Nobody tells me to contact him, especially not you, Zelon Cura, Son of Draxar Milanka Cura. Until you are ready to drop the subject, you presence is no longer required around here and I will get my flowers from somewhere else, thank you very much. Get out now!”

And with that outburst, Zelon whimpered out and waved goodbye. With him out of sight, she went to her room and cried for a few hours. Megaraco and WP decided to talk amongst themselves because they know that talking to her at that moment is not the best time to talk to her. Megaraco then quipped, “Why I never seen her this angry before, we might want to avoid mentioning that name to her for a while, O.K.?”

WP then responded, “Agree!” After awhile, they decided to talk to Cura and to help clear the misunderstanding. Rinthalla then saw them heading out the door and asked them where they were going to and they said they were going to clear up a few things. She then decided to help them out. Megaraco then said, “I believe that it would be better if you waited outside while we get things set up.”

Rinthalla then said, “Good idea! Let me know when you want me in.”

“O.K. We hope that he is getting over it as well.”

“We'll see.” Eventually, Megaraco went in and talked Zelon and tried to explain the effects of his comments to him. When Zelon said, “I thought that Wolfstar might have some answers for her. And I also taught that she might want to see him again. I now see that she doesn't want to hear about him and that I was wrong to bring him up. Tell her that I'm sorry.”

A voice then rang out, “You don't have to look for me for I was standing outside listening to the whole thing. I knew that you meant well, but I was not ready to hear about him and I'm also sorry for snapping at you.”

“That's it?”

“Not yet! While I do intend to talk to him someday, I will decide when I will want to talk to him and right now is not that time. I am also not bitter towards you?”

“I'll just watch what I say to you.”

“That's all that I ask. Mind if I stay for a while?”

“No, go ahead and let me turn on the TV for you.”

“Thanks.” Megaraco told Rinthalla that she might as well come in sit down. And as all four of them sat around and watched TV, Mrs. Cura came down to see what was going on. When they turned to see her, what they saw was a beauty. Her dark scaly skin, her smooth voice and how she walked was fantastic. And when saw their guest, she had no why they were there, but were glad that she had seen somebody new and then walked towards WP and to see how she was doing. WP told her that she is getting better and is able move move around. They then told her that Zelon provoked Rinthalla and came here to straighten things out. After they calmed things down, they had a few drinks and then moved on.

A few days later, Megaraco was called over by Jawron to take care of his mother, leaving WP and Rinthalla alone with each other. When he left, the two women talked to each other for a while and then decided to head outside to stretch out and to practice some fighting moves. Despite a few strained muscles, they then looked around the house for a few items and to see if it can bring back a few memories.

Amongst the items found were a bunch of old photos and some souvenirs. Most did not bring back any memories, but when seeing a picture of a guy and his child did bring back a memory for Rinthalla. She then said, “When I was in some sort of a strange existence, a kid came over to me and called me 'Daddy.' I was shocked to be referred as that kid's father when he know that I'm female. That really ticked me off, but I can't let him know that in case his dad comes back from wherever he went to. After that, she gave me some hot chocolate and I enjoyed it.”

“Crazy story, that is good! I wouldn't mind talking to him to see what has happened. I'm sure he is a nice person and has a lovely personality.” said WP.

“As I recalled, he was there at some military base the same time you were and might have met him.”

“But also as you recalled, I left the facility before he did and Megaraco went as well. All I hear now that they relocated the facility to 'kittyworld'Chargos and expanded their services from there.”

“Did you also lived with a former teammate of yours while you were on 'kittyworld'?”

“I did and he did have a good life. He has grown a lot and have to leave him when he got a certain age and I told him that he was on his own. Never talked to him since. Maybe you need to find your guy so that he can answer some of your questions.”

“Not at the moment, I'm not ready to talk to him at the moment.”

A few minutes later, Megaraco returned from his mission and went to take nap after a long mission. After he finished his nap, he then looked at the women and asked what they were doing. They said that they were just looking through their stuff to see what memories they can dredge up. They then asked him how his visit went. He then said, “It was fine, spent a few hours helping her out. Had to bathe, dress her and to cook her grubs. She did manage to feed herself with slight difficulties. She also kept mumbling on about some dumb ass named 'Jesus' and how much she loved him. She really wanted me to love him, but I couldn't tell her that I hated that concept and worshiping that thing is totally useless. I had to tell her that I simply was not ready to accept him and that I will think about it. It might be a while before I go back, if at all.

“When I first showed up at her house, the place seemed filled with old stuff from the 1990s and has yet to buy anything new besides food. The house could have used a little cleaning. The place was filthy, I did manage to clean it somewhat but I have no idea what happened to the person normally responsible for her care. I assume that either she went on to 'clear her mind' or just got up and quit. Until she come back or find someone else, I guess I'm it.”

Rinthalla then said, “That's interesting. Will you still be working here?”

“Of course! She's more pleasant than that old thing. Besides, do we have to go back to continue our training?”

“Yes, of course.”

After completing their training, they went back home and told WP that they now comfort her as long as they need to and that they can also comfort somebody else when the time comes. With this news, they can rest easy knowing that they can take care of her, all they have to do now is to wait for their certification so that they can practice professionally. WP then asked, “Why the professional stuff?”

Rinthalla then explained, “To pay the upkeep costs for this house. Megaraco will go around town working for a clinic to help out several people while I stay here to take care of you. Besides, how are feeling today?”

“Well enough to move around town. I can make it, my breathing shouldn't be compromised. But I will keep my activities light and the two of you will have to chase down whoever mugs me.”

“Thanks for letting me know and we will do what we can.”

Later on, while she was checking her email, she sees a few messages. One message was about her nursing accreditation, another is about White Porcupine's doctor's visit, and one more seeming to come from Zelon about a old friend of hers. She was glad that her accreditation has been finalized and that she is ready to go and make home visits. She then told WP to come to her computer to see about her appointment. WP then saw that her appointment was in a few days and that she should refrain from food several hours before the visit. WP then saw the email about Wolfstar. Rinthalla told her not to worry about that one and to prepare for her appointment. She accepted and moved on to her room where she watched a movie. With her out of the way, Rinthalla then read the mystery email which seems to have the BCC's removed and the only address on there seems to be Zelon's.

It began by stating that the sender has found a contact with a person that she is very interested in and can tell her about her past. The sender also noted that her being here was to test this person and to see how he can handle certain situations such as what is like to have a different gender and having a body made from flesh and blood. It then said that when she is ready to meet him all she has to do is to reply to the email and the sender will send it through the proper channels. This message has made her a little bit more, but not much more, curious about the information. She then goes back thorough her stuff for more hints of her past and find more notes including reminders for hot chocolate and various shopping lists.

In the meantime, WP's doctor's appointment had arrived and she agreed to take WP there and left Megaraco to take care of business. After driving for several minutes, they arrive for the appointment and went through the sign-in procedures. With the short wait over, WP goes into the office and that is where the attendant noticed that she is walking slower than usual and have some difficulty breathing. The attendant then leaves and the doctor then took over. The doctor then took the usual measurements and noticed that they were off. White Porcupine then mentioned that she is a Jabernaut and to check to see if that might have an effect. The doctor noticed and that only sightly changed things and told her even with that info, she is still sick. The doctor then released her with a prescription, some advice, and another appointment.

After receiving that news, Rinthalla then wondered how it happened. WP then told her it might have been old war wounds that did not properly heal. She also said since she waited too long before having her pain diagnosed, she might be 'going away' very soon. She then said, “Before I leave from you, I would like to know what you have against Wolfstar and did he have anything to do with your origin?”

Rinthalla then replied, “What I have against Wolfstar is not who he is but my relationship to him. I am still bitter towards him, but I think you're ready to hear it and I'm ready to tell it. Yes, I did come from him and that is the thing that I did not want to admit to.”

WP then said, “I know that it is hard to admit to it, but is he going to say anything to you? Like a phone call or a letter?”

“I think he did send me something. I'll see if Zelon forwarded anything to that effect. Found it. Here it goes. It says, 'If you are reading this, then you have accepted the fact that you came from me and are ready to embrace that fact. There's nothing left do now but to live your life.'

“Everything I have thought and experienced is true. His memories should also be mine. WP, I only told you of this since you are expiring and could be dead at any moment. I will figure out when I shall tell Megaraco about all of this.”

“Tell him that I loved him and wished that I could have been his wife.”

“Will do.”

It has been several hours and WP, feeling weak and sluggish, went to her room never to return for a long length of time. Rinthalla, in the meantime, welcomed Megaraco home from another day of nursing other people. He then asked her, “What happened to WP?”

She then said, “She wasn't feeling so good and had to leave, not sure when she is coming back down. That's all that I know.”


Several days has passed and WP still has not made it out of her room. They first thought that she tried to walk around but got too scared to come out out of her room. They then decided to got to the room and found her lying on the floor. They checked her signs and tried to revive her. She did come around long enough to say, “Why didn't you come in and see what I was doing? I did have a problem after all.”

Rinthalla responded, “I thought you would have called for us or at least came out of your room. Did you try to use the phone or intercom?”

“My voice doesn't carry like it used to. Megaraco, I love you and take...”

After that, she lost her voice and Megaraco called the hospital. The ambulance came several minutes later and took her to the hospital with them following in his car. When they got to the hospital they received the news that she did not make it. They both took it very hard and had to be comforted. It is the most terrible day of their lives. At that moment, they knew that they have just lost their friend. All that is left now is to make the arraignments for the funeral and to figure out what to do with the body. They were given the task since they are the closest things that WP had to a next of kin.

The first thing that they did is to figure out where to bury her. They did consider what countries would take her, but Jawron and Zelon suggested that she should be buried in the Venar Republic and that they should consider citizenship and consider the country as their home. They considered it and accepted the idea. They then looked at possible burial sites to see where she would be buried. With those things decided, they went home to sort through her stuff to see if she had made any final wishes. They also asked Jawron to ask his family to see if she had left any money and documents and to see if a will is among them. All they find is several hundred dollars in her bank account and no sign of a will. Nobody has even heard of her making out a will during the entire time that she was sick and she has never mentioned it because she didn't think she had a lot of stuff to pass down.

The next thing that had to be done is the autopsy. Since she was a Jabernaut, they had to get a special autopsy tool as dictated by custom to carry out the operation and a person nearby to instruct them on the proper use of the tool. They noticed that it had a prying tool and rivet removers on one end and a bolt remover on the other end. Once her outer covering has been removed, they saw what the doctors had confirmed for sometime, her parts had broken down and since she is an outdated model, her parts aren't made anymore and whatever parts that were made have unknown properties and very hard to locate if they even still exist at all. Since the parts are very hard to obtain, her parts were allowed to deteriorate to the point where she even had to shut down. Before she is to be put back together, her memories are removed and examined. They will stay outside the body and don't get buried with the body. Now that the body is reassembled and prepared, it now moves to her final place.

Now that they have found the burial site, for the sake of their beliefs, they had a short service at the burial site. They then tried to find who else that knew her to attend, but only got the people that the already met to attend. A few days later where everybody gathered at the burial site, they gazed at the open coffin with their friend laying inside. Everybody that saw the body couldn't believe that that's her and when one of them actually touched her, she found out that she had a metal feel to her. Rinthalla then explained, “that is because she is a Jabernaut whose time had ran out.”

They started with a reading of her biography. They read it to themselves while some of the others went to the coffin to see her for the last time. The bio reads, “The White porcupine started her life as a solider of the Robespierrean Army. She fought for the Reign of Terror (R.O.T.) during the Chaos war during which she is captured by the Empire and then went to Chargos with some other captured soldiers where she met another captive, Black Raven and she worked with for several years.

“While working for the Empire, she also met Raco, Megaraco, and Kainon. It was Kainon who suggested that she and Megaraco should get married. Neither wanted to hear it, but stayed close nonetheless. She also grew close to the Black Raven and even tutored him after he left the services of the Empire. After helping him for several years, she said goodbye to him and moved on.

“After leaving the the Imperial Army herself, she them took several odd jobs around the empire to support herself and she and Megaraco went to Raconia after she came down with an illness and that is where Rinthalla became her nurse and caregiver. They tried to live on Raconia to get the treatment there, but they were thrown out and had to go somewhere else. The eventually came to the Venar Republic where they stayed and received treatment which eventually failed her and she spent the rest of life comfortably despite the illness. She leaves behind no children, but does leave her friends, Rinthalla and Megaraco.”

After the reading, a few people came to the front and spoke a few words. Megaraco spoke first and reminded people why the ceremony is the way that it is. Megaraco then said, “Why this ceremony is short is that she doesn't want to keep people here longer than necessary and the reason why there are no religious people here is because they send the wrong message and suggests that she is a religious person which she is not. I have known her for many years and while I resisted the notion to marry her, I have spent a great deal of time with her. Èra un esperit aimable e visquèt una vida granda.Occitan: She was a kind spirit and lived a grand life. Thanks for your time.”

Rinthalla then spoke about her time with White Porcupine. She stated, “I'm Rinthalla and even thought I'm only been with with them for a short time, it felt like I knew them for much longer than that and we grew to be close friends and partners. My love, kindness, and friendship for them only grew the longer I spent my time with them and it is a great pleasure to have known her in her final years. I have given her my attention and my care as I help her with her illness and all I could do is to make her comfortable as she was dying right before us.

“She has a kind and caring spirit and loves everybody and despite what she did in her past, she cared for every body's safety and livelihoods. Her past might have been spotty and filled with death and gloom, she has made up for it with her love and kindness. And that love and kindness is what we will be missing the most of all. She has touched us all in ways that are only for good.”

Now the hard part comes in is where some of the women in attendance places several mementos on the body and a rose and scarf on the chest. After that ceremony has been performed, the casket is closed and is lowered into the ground. Afterward, the crowd talked to themselves as the dirt is covering up the casket.

After the funeral is over, they then moved on to deciding about her stuff and their future. They agreed to let Rinthalla keep her stuff. As for their living conditions, they decided to stay in the country for the short term and they might keep their nursing jobs. Megaraco in his wisdom decided that he is going to stick around long enough to figure out his next stop and his life plans. They also decided to stay together only as long as necessary or until other things forces them to stay together.

Days later, they get an email from Kainon wanting to know if WP and Megaraco had married yet. Megaraco replied, “Be very worried because we buried her a few days ago and if you want to see us come tot the Venar Republic because we will be staying here for awhile.” He got a reply from her stating her disbelief and she is willing to come over to see for herself. He then told Rinthalla what had happened and stated that she is glad that she can come down and visit. She then asked him, “What did you say that convinced her to come over and visit with us?”

Megaraco then said, “The truth.”

“What truth?”

“She's dead and the marriage idea should be buried with her.”

“Oh that, that will be an interesting conversation. I wonder how is going to react that WP is dead and buried?”

“We can talk it over at the grave site.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

After a few weeks, Kainon has found some time to travel and she decided to bring some of her cousins along for the ride. When they landed in Harasoca, Rinthalla was there to take them to her house. She then took the four ladies and their stuff to her house and showed them around. They then proceeded to their rooms where they unpacked their stuff. Rinthalla then showed them WP's room and her items. Kainon then asked where they are. Rinthalla mentioned that Megaraco is making his rounds as nurse and as for WP, she can explain that later. After they have been served, she told them a car trip is the best way to describe the situation. As they jumped into her car, they asked where they are going. Rinthalla told them that they will know in good time. When they arrived at the cemetery, one of them wondered why they were here and Kainon was still asking what happened to her old friend. Rinthalla then revealed the answer to the girls, WP's grave. Rinthalla told them that she died awhile back and the message telling her that must have gotten lost in the mail. Kainon was wondering since the last time she had heard from her is that she left their world. Rinthalla reminded them that that particular departure was under less than friendly circumstances. Kainon then demanded that Megaraco has to be reached. Rinthalla agreed and then called him up. As luck would have it, he's on his way back to the house not knowing of the house guests' arrival. She got a response and Megaraco then said, “Hi, is this you, Rinthalla?”

Rinthalla then said, “Yes it is. I want to tell you that I'm at the grave.”

“Why are you there?”

“Kainon and her cousins wanted to know what happened to WP.”

“They saw the grave, did they?”

“They did and are wondering why they didn't know about it any earlier.”

“I wasn't sure of the travel arraignments and I had to deal with other thing like telling other people about it. By the way, did you record the proceedings? And see if they can get some extra copies of the program.”

“I'm sure somebody did and the copies are at the house. We on our way back. Bye”


After the conversation, they headed back to the house to get more material and possessions. They were told that the state grabbed some possessions of hers to take care of taxes and while they could trade some of the stuff for things that they really wanted, but they had to pay the back taxes in order to get the stuff back. And on top of that, they had to figure out how she died in the first place. Megaraco then chimed in, "When we were in Raconia getting kicked out, did you came and see about her? No, you didn't. Did you even look and try to find out where she was? No you didn't. And did you even try to stop our expulsion? No and if you really cared about her, we would still be in Raconia and not here. If you wanted to take care of her, all you have to do is to come over and say that you wanted to take care of her. But since you didn't, you have no right to the possessions and your concern is fake."

Kainon then sighed and said, "If we knew that you were there, we would have visited, but since somebody didn't want us to talk to her, we had to wonder what you were doing to her. And when we heard that a bunch of people were being thrown out of our country, they made it sound like that you were a bunch of bums. If we knew it was WP that they were talking about, we would haves stopped it."

"What about the other times that we stopped over and tried to talk to you? When WP wanted to come over and visit you? your guards stopped us even though we told them who we are. We then tried to get you while we are in town, but you didn't recognize us.  You ignored us, you wouldn't give us the time of day."

"Sorry about blowing you off, we knew you you were and actually cheered when you were ran off. Sorry to tell you you this, but she pissed us off and would not apologize to us and did not even want to talk to us."

"Do you think that I told her to blow you off?"

"Partly, she did come up with her own reason to blow us off, but you did help make matters worse."

"It is best to discuss the truce with Rinthalla."

After deciding who get what and sitting down to cool down, Rinthalla told then as they watched the video of the funeral. Kainon then wondered how did she know them so well even though she only recently came into their life. Rinthalla then said that she had a surprise. She then motioned Megaraco to go to her room and grab a few papers. When he came back with the papers, she told him that he needed to be here as well and he complied. What came next are the detail of why Rinthalla had known so much even though it did not seem that she had been around that long.

Rinthalla then proceeded to say, "I know you for quite some some time and while I had fun times with all of you. When I first appeared, I spent my time with Wolfstar and learned everything about you by spending time with him. And when he learns something, I learn something and it was great. We did a lot of things together and we were side by side. Oh yes, I loved it when his wife gave me hot chocolate, it was the best thing that I've ever tasted in a long time. Oh, you want to know how I managed to know all of this stuff about you? Megaraco, what did I tell you about me when we first met?"

Megaraco then said, "You told me, 'Trust me, I know Wolfstar and that we are good friends.'"

"Did you believed me?"

"Not at first. you had to convince me that you are reliable and trustworthy. That took quite some time for me to gain your trust, but at the end it was worth it."

"The reason that I hid that part of my past is I really did not want you to know how closely tied I am to Wolfstar. I did not think that anyone should know of our true relations for it can be devastating to you. The only reason that I told WP about it is that since she is dying anyways, it wouldn't cause her any more harm.Until I know whether it is safe to tell you, I will have to find a moron who doesn't give a damn about my past and tell it to him."

After a few moments of though, they decide to wait a uncertain period of time to hear the truth. while Kainon took her cousins and Megaraco out shopping, Rinthalla went along to see if she can find a chump to tell her story. Once they got to the mall, Megaraco, not understanding the ladies' shopping habits, went on his own while she found a sucker, got his info, went into a dark corner and told her story. The ladies went on knowing that he was nowhere near them and presumed that he will bump into her. After a couple hours of shopping, everybody got back together and went back home. The cousins will take the stuff back with them, but they also want WP's items. Rinthalla said she will hand them over in good time and that is as good as it going to get. as for the sucker that she found, she will contact him every once in awhile to see how he is doing.

After Kainon and her cousins went back home, Rinthalla and Megaraco did a few more nursing rounds and then considered their futures. One of the things that they did is to come up with new names. All that Rinthalla needed is a last name while Megaraco decided mark 'a new era' with a new name. He decided to call himself 'Mabokko.' He thought it is a good-sounding name. Rinthalla also told him also to get last names. She set a condition that if he came up with a name first, it is his alone. But if she came up with one, he has to take it up as well. Unfortunately for Mabokko, Rinthalla came up with the name 'Rieto', so therefore they both had to use that name. After making the changes legal, Ms. Rieto called up her sucker to see if he is still alive and found out that he still is. Ms. Rieto will call again for the next several months to see if he is still alive.

For the next several months she called him and every time he told her that he is healthy and her info did not make him any sicker than what he already is. She is satisfied with the responses he had given thus far and feels ready to give her reasons to her friends. When the time came, she then pondered on how to break the news in a way that won't kill them. She first though of doing it straightforward, but she dawdled on that one. She then thought the best way is to address Kainon by email and get the others into the room for some small talk before revealing her secret. She is looking for the best way for them to take the news as easily as possible and for them to still like her. This is her biggest task thus far.

Her next move is to contact Zelon and to talk to him about contacting Wolfstar. She then went over to their house after work and asked them about what else they know about him. They were wondering why she wanted to talk to him. She told him that she is ready to talk to him. They told her that she can talk to him herself anytime she wanted to. She went home and asked Mabokko to look for some contact info. He found it later in a stack of email printouts. Rinthalla then read it and sent an email to him about her origins and what to tell her friends about their connections.  A few moments later, an email from Wolfstar came back saying, "We were one, my memories are your memories, and you should reveal our link." It also listed some other stuff that she wasn't aware of. She then printed out the message and decided Mabokko the news. He took it well and accepted it. He then told her to CC the message to her friends and Kainon for they too must know about it. As soon as the word got out, they contacted her about it. When the replies came back, they were messages of shock and understanding. The message from Kainon was one of shock, surprise, and amazement. She is wondering what in the world gave her that idea. Rinthalla then IMed her, "How do you think I knew WP for such a long time. It was because of Wolfstar that I knew her. I know Wolfstar because I was Wolfstar. That is also why I known of you as well."

 Kainon then IMed back, "So that's why you're such close friends with her. Wolfstar told you of her and you kept those memories when you were separated. Even though you knew her, why did you stay so close to her?"

"She needed the company and I accepted. As I explained to her before she left, Wolfstar and I were one. 'Sabi perque soi'Oc: 'I know because I am' and that is my life and you can tell them that I have come to terms with my life. Bye for now."


After the exchange She then told the Curas that she was glad to get that moment behind her and to move on with her life. Mabokko then wondered if she can make it on her own and she said not to be in a such in a hurry to part. He understood that to mean that she still needs his assistance and company and agreed to stay with her.