This page contains the guides to various stories that I have written over the years. All stories that are presented on this website is my property. Please notify me before deciding to incorporate these stories. Enjoy.

Characters for the story
Tabere stories
Rouge Invasion
Addendum for the stories
Connexion of Khayaddi Cura
This story is about a Dimandi getting to meet his siblings for the first time.
A Strange Journey Through Gakkeria
A adventure of a sage trying to save a country from a foreign incursion.
Rinthalla's New Life
A woman is attempting to start a life anew while trying reconcile her old one while at the same time taking care of an ailing friend.
Betrayal of the Machines
The story about the origins of the Jabernauts and their way of living.

Here are other stories that does not fit into the main story canon. They are just a diversion form the main line. Enjoy.

The Strange Creatures
A tale of Tabere resistance fighters trying to regain their world after losing a long-ago war.
Raco's Two Nightmares
Three miscellaneous stories and the Black Raven

Here is a general background for my stories for me to keep track of this world. It's keep track of country, character, species, and organization details. I've also made another page of small stuff that I'm using to stretch out between writings.

I have also have several 'interviews' with my characters that can be used to explain the stories. Pt.2, Pt.3

Some of these stories are also available as Adobe® PDF files. They can be downloaded from this page.

The Ultra Army's Encounters with the Taberes:

  Part I -- The First Clash
  Part II -- The Shadow Offensive
  Part III -- The Final Fight And The Aftermath

Noxtroni Rouges

Connexion of Khayaddi Cura

A Strange Journey Through Gakkeria

The Strange Creatures

Rinthalla's New Life

Changing of the Guard

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