Table of contents:

Chapter I

The Secret Base Tabere1

Chapter II

The Fight in the Sol System Tabere1

Chapter III

The Fight in Outer Space Tabere1

Chapter IV

Antecedent to Cacophony Tabere1


Since Part 1 Tabere2

Chapter V

The Shadows Tabere2

Chapter VI

The Battle of Detroit Tabere2

Chapter VII

Operation: Secret Base Tabere2

Chapter VIII

The Army of the Dead Tabere2


Since Part 2 Tabere3

Chapter IX

The Planning Stage Tabere3

Chapter X

The Calm Before the Storm Tabere3

Chapter XI

Other Matters Tabere3

Chapter XII

The Final Conflict Tabere3

The war began after the R.O.T. had been booted from Annilis and chased all over the galaxy. They tried many times to recover their lost territory and to claim news ones. Many leaders had tried to lead the R.O.T. to victory and failed and many more tried to do the same. Some of those leaders include: Nokas Solis, Dominiatron, Magnus Zater, and Hota. They also had allies from time to time including Dragon's Triangle Air Force, Taberes, Nirazoids, Dreadd, Niradreadd, and Spherax. Some had left because they didn't get the what they want and some tried to take over. And someday soon the R.O.T. will finally die out and smaller forces might take over and try to duplicate their power, but the empire will stop anyone who tries to overthrow a government.

Why these stories are named Tabere?

Because the first group of enemies they ran into are the Taberans.  See Chapter 1 -- "The Secret Base"

Selected quotes from The Decline and Fall of Christianity:

  • "When they find the truth behind its power, everybody will want to exploit it and claim it as their own."
  • "When they find the way to solve their problems, no matter how hard they try, the final solution to the biggest problems is for them to discontinue their religion and to stop spreading their poison to all points."