When they were dodging the barrage of gunfire, several Tabere rebels ducked into what seems to be an abandoned bunker. When they reached it, they met a steel door with chains around the handles and a lock on the chains. Gretak then decided to blast the lock off the chains to gain entry. It took him a few tries, but he did destroy the lock. A couple more rebels cut and removed the chains. Once done, they opened the doors and entered. What they saw next was amazing because they apparently accessed an armory with weapons they never thought existed. Gretak then ordered his charges to take the weapons and ammo with them. As they were leaving, they thought they heard something moving towards them. They paid it no mind and scurried out of there as fast as they can.

When they tried to make their exits, the mysterious noises became louder and louder the closer they made it to the door. And when they saw the objects, they were completely horrified at what they witnessed. The rebels tried using their new weapons on them, but only managed to kill a couple of them before scattering back to their base.

After a couple of hours, they made it back to the base and Gretak told Sonaki, his engineer, to figure out how these weapons work and to figure out a way to make more. He also told him to watch out for some strange creatures that seemed to be chasing them when they got the weapons. With that warning, he got to work on those weapons. But time was the one thing that they did not have because as soon as he started to work on the weapons, the creatures that were tailing them have now caught up with them.

Now with creatures at their camp, they had no choice but to field test their 'new' weaponry. They fired the weapon at the creatures and managed to kill several of them and damaging several others. But as they continue to shoot, they told everybody else to pack up the camp and to find a safer spot. They left the area with what they could and as soon as the defenders started to fall back, they fell down dying onto the cold ground, taking down a few of the retreating crowd. Thankfully, they bought enough time for them to leave.

Gretak did manage to leave with the camp, but came back when the creatures left and told his men to collect the weapons and corpses for inspection and burial. Sonaki took the weapons to the new camp and with the bodies that were gathered up. He, to the best of his memory, matched the weapon to the wound and decided to keep the Zodedore rifle because it did the most damage to the creatures. He also had a problem with the ammo, he does not know where to find or make them, so they had to keep and use the other weapons until they can make their own ammo or steal large quantities of it. Meanwhile, they stuck to making remote control bombs and using them to disrupt convoys.

When they found a quiet moment, they examined the wounds, extracted their data, and buried their dead comrades in a discreet spot. After the burial, they then worked on the creatures and to see what weaknesses they might have. They checked the heads, wings, limbs, and torso. They did notice that the thin wings would not be a good aiming point and the best aiming point, the torso, is somehow protected by some strange material. And the material seems to cover the connecting points to the torso and it is impervious to laser fire.

Now with their weapon selection decided, they then went out trolling for targets and looking for more of those creatures. After an hour, they found a major road and laid out a few mines and bombs and waited for troops to detonate them. A few minor officials came through and they then detonated the bombs by remote. They did kill the officials, along with a few Zeta bodyguards and citizens. They then got word that they found a bridge that they can detonate and it's just one of the three ways out. Another group had also got the municipal airport under watch in case they try to fly in and out of the town. As they are about to string the explosives on the bridge supports, the creatures came flying in and started shooting at them. The rebels started out with the small guns, killing a small number of them, but more kept coming, forcing them to decide whether to retreat of to use the big guns. They got the word to pull a retreat instead, leaving the bridge laden with explosives. The airport plan did have some better luck, destroying some military aircraft making their landings, but the creatures made their appearance there too, but as they shot down several of the creatures, they use their big guns while they retreated, losing several members and killing a few dozen of the creatures. Both camps managed to make it back undetected.

After they assessed the mission, they then gathered their gear and had an inventory. They noticed that some of the new weapons were used and due to them still not knowing how to make the necessary ammo, they have a difficult task ahead of them as they prepare to go back and to take down the bridge.

Gretak then said, "This is the biggest mission so far in our campaign, so what I need each and every one of you to do is prepare hard and try to get as many fresh recruits as possible to help our cause and to secure more weapons and ammo. The bridge and airport must be rendered useless if we are to take back our town. From what I have heard for the bridge team is that some of the explosives are still on the bridge and if those creatures had not taken any of it down, just string up what you can and slap a detonator on them. And whatever you do, don't let them know that you are watching them. I don't want them to follow us to our camp and I'm not sure if we have enough firepower to beat them back.

"For the airport team, the runways, depots, and the aircraft must be destroyed. Any and all resistance must be eliminated. The enemy cannot use that airport to resupply their troops. The facility cannot be left in any sort of usable state. The enemy must be crippled and learn of our power. The fate of all Taberes rest with us and we are here to prove our worth. Now go and carry out your orders."

As they looked for new recruits, some of them told the camp about the strange creatures and said that the creatures that they were fighting were also at their camp, but managed to wipe out a large number of them. The communications that was intercepted said that the creatures were meant to be used as heavy artillery and to serve to flush out us rebels. They were built to take small arms fire and still be able to complete the mission. All we could do is to disrupt their electronics, therefore killing them en masse.

Surutae, a recruiter, then said, "Do you know where they are being made?"

The recruit said, "No, we haven't found a message saying where they came from. We can listen to them some more and find out."

"Do that and tell us what you have found."


With the recruitment process almost over and satellite camps established, the plan to beat back the invasion has reached the highest point so far. With the new recruits, they discovered better weapons in fighting the problem and the invaders. All they got to do is to see if any of it is really worth the trouble of gathering it all up.

Several days has passed and with the weaponry set up and new information about the creatures being established, the attack is about to proceed. When Gretak found out about the messages about where the creatures where being made, he ordered the satellite nearest to the factories to take them out while the main group went ahead to finish taking out the bridge and the airport.

The explosives and weapons have been loaded and they then head to take their positions. Group 1 took the airport, group 2 took the bridge and the satellites went to search for the factories. As they made their separate ways, blasting any Zeta that may have saw them, they have made it to their locations and planted their explosives while they wait for the invaders to get themselves blown up. They did not have long to wait because the the creatures came and this time the rebels have the technology to fight them back. The disrupters have fired, then the Zodedores were fired and the creatures were defeated en masse. The same can be said at the bridge with the creatures coming at them and they too were easily defeated. They then hid themselves and waited for the troops to arrive. A few moments later, the troops did arrive and when they reached to predetermined point, the detonator is pressed and the bridge went off as planned, sending hundreds of soldiers plunging to their deaths. Meanwhile, at the airport, the explosion also went off when the planes came in for their landings and as the rebels assess their success, more of the creatures came out and started attacking. And then Gretek pulled the trigger on his Zodedore.