• The menu is ready to go. It may have some problems staying put, but other than that, it's ready to go and should be live.


  • Might have found a new menu, but it has a couple of problems. First, the link to sub menu is not a link itself and will need to be changed. The second problem is with the 2-column layout being used. That problem might need another search and rollout for that. Might wind up doing that anyways.
  • If I can resolve the other two problems, then position fixing will follow.
  • Apparenmtly, the position fix actually also fixed the interaction with the 2-column layout. Layout stays.


  • Started looking into 'more compact' menus to use. As soon as I can get it to work or find one that does, it'll be there.


  • Found new menu. Just have to figure out a few tweaks and it can be rolled out to the main part of the site.


  • Flash is disappearing and I'm getting closer to being rid of it. It can't help me with streaming video, but with everything else, it's been helping. I will have to cast off CLG stream and combine the media and mobile shacks.
  • Radonomy aren't working on all browser, but will remain nonetheless.


  • Seeing if I can fix a mobile problem by altering the main page.


  • Figure out a new way to get the website mobile ready.


  • Veopod is dead and embeddr is also dead. Concept of youtube playlists is to be scrapped for a while.
  • More media embeds are being considered.


  • Got the floating menu working, now to get it to 'look right'.
  • Menu look will work for now. All that is left is to find the pages that I haven't converted.
  • Now have to resize image gallery and video screens.


  • Dailymotion videos are now embedded.


  • Happy New Year!
  • Decided to do the rollout w/o the floating menu because it was the most difficult part of the new look. It will come when the bugs are worked out.
  • Main menu does work with new system. Next, is to get that system going on other pages.


  • The interview pages have now received the new look. More changes to come.


  • jPlayer upgraded from 2.5.0 to 2.9.2.
  • New jplayer, working out the new fit.
  • Keeping strange banana.
  • The 2 column setup is finished, still working on menu.
  • New vertical menu is brought to you by: "Tefra".


  • veopod is down and might get replaced.
  • 2 column mode to be developed. Unfortunately, the site where the current style came from is not working at the moment and might also be replaced.
  • New vertical menu to be located.
  • Website will be a wreck when stylesheet is reconfigured.


  • Still with veopod
  • Menu modifications are brought to you by: Ryan Brackett
  • Changed the menu to be usable with mobile devices, but the current page indicators had to be abandoned. Menu is a mess and it is being worked on.
  • New menu as of now can only be seen on very low-res displays.


  • Beware the ides of March.
  • veopod is down again. Might have to abandon the idea of even having such a playlist on the site.
  • Still trying to figure out plugin-dependent redirect.


  • Making decisions on mobile adjustments: image gallery might have some problems, menu bar to be adjusted. Media shack can't be altered.
  • Still looking to look for a way to determine page by presence of plugin.


  • Alternate media shack for mobile (non-flash) devices is off the ground. More modifications to come.


  • Happy New Year
  • Many projects stalled. Not sure which will continue.

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