Research on the Countries


  • Long form: Strocian Federation
  • Member of the Jabernaut Union
  • Large country on Northern Annilis
  • Created by unifying hundreds of war lands.
  • Liberated in the Chaos wars by U.M.O. East (Empire Korps).
  • Had to surrender territory to form Hrosia, Laseria, New Jabernaut Republic
  • Currency: 100 Centart=1 Union Dosnak
  • Capital: Pyramid City
  • Planet: Annilis


  • long form: Kingdom of Trigonia
  • Kingdom on Southern Annilis
  • One of two kingdoms in the Jabernaut Union
  • Currency: 100 Centart=1 Union Dosnak
  • Capital: Unknown
  • Planet: Annilis

Republic of the Dreadd Worlds

  • A country that exist on five planets which is ruled by a council that represents the rule of the five planets.
  • Currency: 100 centart=1 Imperial Dosnak
  • Capital: Unknown (on Dwidda Gamma)
  • Planet: Dreadd Prime (Dwidda Gamma) [Main planet], Dwo' Gwanna, Zammarou, Glonista, and Ri-nasha.


  • Long form: Republic of Vectoria
  • Member of the Jabernaut Union
  • Founded by R.O.T. General Chernobyl
  • Once known as Chernova and the planet which it inhabits still carries the name.
  • The original inhabitants were revived by the R.O.T. to serve their purposes, but were allowed to rule their country once the war was over.
  • Currency: 100 Centart=1 Union Dosnak
  • Capital: Vector City
  • Planet: Chernova

Republic of Trident 7

  • Member of the Jabernaut Union
  • At war with Gakkeria, which they perceive as a threat.
  • Currency: 100 Centart=1 Union Dosnak
  • Capital: Lasertown
  • Planet: Trident 7

Research on the Countries cont.


  • Trying to defend itself from the Jabernaut Union.
  • Country might have been relocated to New Chambribeau, but is staying put for the time being.
  • Not a part of the Empire
  • Currency: 100 centos=1 Gakkerian Dinar
  • Capital: Smedarri
  • Planet: Trident 7

Dimandi Republic

  • Former Monarchy now governed between two rival parties, the Curafa and the Malatonist.
  • Founded by the Archaics who were forced from Annillis by the Annillic people.
  • Consists of Mon Olympus state and Mariner State
  • Currency: 100 centart=1 Imperial Dosnak (100 cents=1 Dimandi Dollar)
  • Capital: Olympus Dome City
  • Planet: Mars

Venar Republic

  • Shares a territory with the Venar Republic called Neo-Venar Gaslatoria. It controls part of the legislature, post, education. It controls the naming of towns and it is used as the gateway to Vatara.
  • Home for Christians exiled from Gaslonia
  • Home to the Wazhirian Party
  • Currency: 100 cents=1 Venar Dollar
  • Capital: Harasoca (EH-ra-soh-sa / Arasosa)
  • Planet: Archiba

Gaslatore Republic

  • Country's government was toppled by the people with the help of U.M.O. East/ Empire Korps because their king could not stop the Guerrehara from invading
  • Once known as 'Gasaboo' because the Guerrehara were blowing up the land from underground in order to collapse the Gaslatore regime
  • in order to "preserve the character" of the old capital, no planes can fly over it or tall buildings can be seen from the city.
  • Used same rules as U.M.O. East/ Empire Korps
  • Shares a territory with the Venar Republic called Neo-Venar Gaslatoria. It controls part of the legislature, post, education.
  • Led by a Troika Presidency
  • Currency: 100 sentui=1 Wisent
  • Capital: Arminius
  • Planet: Gaslonia


  • A republic with several parties that do have their occasional hangups, but do cooperate on major issues.
  • Labor is organized into 'societies' that work like labor unions.
  • There is a minority group known as Veke-an. Their writing is not the same as standard Vartunian.
  • Currency: 100 centart=1 Imperial Dosnak
  • Capital: Khadarri
  • Planet: Vartuna


  • long form: People's Republic of Pandasia
  • Former Kingdom on Walanga
  • Lost a part of its territory during the confusion and is unable to get it back.
  • Lost empire membership due to change in government and claims to some territory.
  • Currency: 1000 sen=1 New Pandasi Yuan
  • Capital: Unknown
  • Planet: Walanga


  • long form: Republic of Panduria
  • Formerly a part Kingdom of Pandasia until the kingdom was abolished.
  • Confiscated all former Pandasi bases and facitiies inside the new country.
  • Currency: 100 centart=1 Imperial Dosnak
  • Capital: Tangga
  • Planet: Walanga

Research on the species


  • Found on various planets, temporarily moved to other places during the Noxtroni War, moved back after conclusion of war.
  • Always lived in fear of the Noxtroni
  • Believed that having prosthetics would turn them into Noxtroni
  • Currently being trained by Jabernaut Union and Dreaddworlds military
  • Allies: Jabernauts
  • Enemies: Noxtroni


  • Lives on Mars, Neo-Venar Gaslatoria, and various spacecraft around the galaxy
  • Diverged from the Jabernaut line a long time ago
  • Hides secrets from other species in order to keep themselves alive
  • lifespan of 80 "years"
  • Allies: Venars, Pandurians
  • Enemies: Jabernauts

Noxtroni (Mu'sholin)

  • The main Noxtroni government live on an unclassified planet. The rouges used the roam the space until the war in which most of them were exterminated.
  • Even though they are now individuals, every now and then, elements of their former collective lives make themselves known.
  • Enemy of the Sha'kif and various Jabernaut tribes.
  • Achieved present state after accident with nanotechnology caused the people to become mechanized.
  • Allies: Forgornians
  • Enemies: Sha'kif, Jabernauts


  • Live a primitive life until they managed to be discovered by the Mu'sholin and have their technologies upgraded.
  • Lost a young citizen to mysterious circumstances many years ago. Discovered later to be doing very well.
  • Allies: Mu'sholin


  • A species of robots that originated from Annilis
  • Divided over the eons to encompass most of the Galaxy And have formed several empires.
  • Known for the creation or the Gamma, Pi, and Zeta Empires.
  • Some jabernaut groups are allied with the Sha'kif, Venar, and the Gaslatore.
  • All groups are the enemy of the Noxtroni and are known to be hostile to the Dimandi.
  • Taberes

  • A Jabernaut ethnic group that mostly resides in the Zeta empire.
  • Their world was given to the Zeta Empire after the end of the Robespierrean War.
  • Enemies: Zeta
  • Dreadds

  • Lives on five planets, commonly referred to as 'the Dreaddworlds.'
  • The five planets are: Dreadd Prime (Dwidda Gamma), Dwo' Gwanna, Zammarou, Glonista, and Ri-nasha.
  • Jabernekes

  • Lives mainly in the country of Jabernica
  • Don't liked to be called 'Nikkis'.

Research on the characters

(Fang) Wolfstar †

  • Former Chernovan soldier
  • Living at his home base of Vectoria and started a farm
  • Was living in Strocia, worked for Empire Korps for a few years and then got to go home after his boss's death.
  • Married Pandasi-Strocian Fang Mei-Ling
  • Might be confused for prophet Reijinni
  • Also responsible for a sorceress and Rinthalla, a friendly she-wolf.
  • friendliest of the four Chernovans.
  • Has two male children (Chang-Tsu, Fei Liong) one female (Julie)
  • Powers: "Terror Spin", afterburner tail
  • Weapons: razor whip, balled axe, spinning head chopper

Raco Vectorias †

  • Former Chernovan soldier
  • Married Raconian Kainon
  • Currently lives on Raconia
  • 2 children, daughter Claris, and son Graywine
  • small height and been joked about it
  • Powers: mind control, shooting quill ball
  • Weapons: shocker tail, laser eye, grappling hook quills, missile quills
  • His form is chosen because Raconia is a rich country and its army might ally itself with the Empire against the Robespierrians.

Casebrai (Cougar) †

  • Former Chernovan soldier
  • Now lives his life as a monk.
  • His form is a mystery because Chernobyl had no clue about Cougaria or their role in the war.

Wei Shannan (Gansta' Boy) †

  • Former Chernovan soldier
  • Married to Xi Liong and has one boy (Wei Jiang) with her and another (Wei Feng) with his ex-wife, Fang Lui.
  • Living at his home base of Vectoria and started a farm
  • Often heard playing a ukulele.
  • Powers: detachable tail, wall climbing
  • Weapons: fire drill, fire saw, double daggers, silver sabre, venom fingers
  • His form is chosen to infiltrate a major Imperial backer, the Venar Republic and to attempt to destroy their war effort.

Marcus Zelon (Berrican) Bericannius

  • Draxar Cura's army buddy
  • Majored in drama and became one of the best known playwrights
  • Married a Pandurian female that 'marked' him
  • Has two children, Ektoi (Ehk-twa) and Satoi (Sah-toh-ee)
  • Dragonblade holder

Draxar Milanka Cura

  • 6th Draxar Cura
  • 3 sons (Milanka, Zelon, & Khayaddi Khospir), 2 daughters (Dweza, Dwoza)
  • Has 3 pairs of tentacles
  • Once worked as a roadie for rock band 'Blasphemy'
  • Founder and former head of the Dimandi branch of the Curafa Party
  • Held green Dragonblade

Milanka Shengyang Cura

  • Pandasi-hatched Dimandi
  • The head of the Pandurian Curafa Party branch
  • Former prince of a principality.
  • 1st president of Panduria.
  • Was given his father's 'original' name to avoid being the 7th Draxar Cura
  • Father to several children, some with him and some on Mars.

Khayaddi Khospir Cura

  • Draxar's 'hidden' son
  • Lived with his father
  • Real estate investor/ landlord
  • Has friend and grandmother as tenants
  • Venga's bodyguard/ protector

Zagrata Van Zeld

  • Was exiled from Vartuna for committing various felonies including grand theft
  • let back in when Wolfstar and family overturned an conservative government and the new government ended her exile
  • Is sometimes referred as such names including: 'Fire demon', 'Fire hazard', etc...
  • Has fire powers due to an incident early in her life.
  • Has a roaming ship manned by several people.
  • Is married (Smatto) with one male child (Ganno) and one female child (Mirzi).

Col. Skreegwaree

  • Cygornian female, crest on head, yellow feathers except a patch of brown feathers that stretch over her eyes and extend to the ears.
  • Replaced Krullex as the leader of the Women's Corps (Old Missouri).

"Nokas Solis" †

  • Name is Strocian for "Dark Sun"
  • Real name: Swollen
  • Defeated by the dragonblades

Rinthalla Rieto

  • Currenly a R.N. working in the Venar Republic
  • Had Mabako take her name since he couldn't come up with one of his own.

Mabako (Megaraco) Rieto

  • Currenly a R.N. working in the Venar Republic
  • Former name indicates he was a match for Raco†
  • refused to marry W.P.† because he didn't wanter to be matched up.

Research on the Organizations

Empire Korps (U.M.O. East)

  • Based In Shadowmane province, Chargos.
  • Led by Gen. Nrete Zamtu.
  • Bases: Fort Venture (Army), Fort Sherba (Air Force), Fort Victory(Spacefleet)
  • Founded in the 1960s by Gen. Dwayne Diyules, Mitka Wazhir, and Freddy Daihamler.

U.M.O. (U.M.O. West)

  • Based in Colorado, U.S.A.
  • Led by Gen Swedar.
  • Founded in the mid '90s by Gen. Mitka Wazhir.
  • Bases: Hayes Center (Colorado), West Pacific Annex (Marianas Islands/Guam), Eastlands Center (Eastern U.S.), Northstar Base (Canada), and Tozer Center (Western U.S.)

Lunenburg Group

  • Founded sometime ca. 2010.
  • Known to have thirteen bases somewhere around the empire.

Jabernaut Union

  • Founded in 1998.
  • Results of a post-war meeting amongst the various jabernaut groups.
  • Started by Trigonia, Strocia, Jabernica, Vectoria, New Jabernaut (Jaston) Republic, Klaxtonia, Laseria and Trident 7. Later joined by Hrosia and Gu'te Ratan.
  • Uses the Union Dosnak as official currency.

United Imperial Guards

  • Charge with protecting the emperor and the institutions of the Imperial government.
  • Members are selected and test periodically based on loyalty and skills.
  • Most these soldiers have to do is to keep the empire from falling and to keep it together until a new leader is selected.